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  1. tissot

    HTML problem

    show me examples, thanks so much.
  2. tissot

    HTML problem

    When you set up background images in tables with no problem, but if you change the resolution of your monitor to higher, the background images of the tables wont resize, the question is how? I was thinking of making the specific tables to be 100%. background image height = 100% for example but won't that work? Thanks.
  3. tissot


    what exactly does it do? I seen the definition but I still dont get it.
  4. tissot


    Thanks a lot.
  5. tissot


    Ok, that's ok!Well, in the framed page displaying in the iFrame, there's a code I have <input type="submit" value="Insert record"> That's a button, so when I clicked it, same problem occured.. (like what I said before, If i clicked it.. the page in the iFrame changes to another page in the iFrame without changing teh whole page)so is it possbile to add onclick to that code or something smiliar?thanks
  6. tissot


    FINALLY, IT WORKS I LOVE YOU <333Oh wait, I need a bit help again.from what u said <a href="http://www.google.com" onclick="top.location = this.href">standards click</a> But is there another code with the same method for iFrame in the page, rather than adding that code in the framed page?for example: <iFrame src="newscontent.html" onclick="top.location = this.href">standards click</a>that will occur only if clicked inside the iFrame then the whole page will be change to another page because I have a page that has ASP codes in it and I'm going to use that page in the iFrame
  7. tissot


    Alright, it works but when I clicked a link from the iFrame, it changed the whole page to another page but with the same regular frames (I use regular frames for left and right sides of the page) :SI mean, whats the code to make it no frame when clicking a link from the iFrame?Thanks
  8. tissot


    Thanks so much, I will try it now
  9. tissot


    Hi all!my main page has an iFrame (another page will display in the iFrame)if theres a link in the page from the iFrame, and when i click the link... it changes the page in the iFrame to another, instead of opening a new window or changing the whole page to another by clicking a link in the iFrame, but the question is how? :)hope i make sense to u peeps
  10. tissot


    So its impossbile to add a simple preloader to the image mapping project?
  11. tissot


    It delays when you hover around the animated buttons which is not good, it will become more useless by the sound of it. The animated buttons on the menu use special effect graphics (each animated button has mouseup, down, over and out with effects). A simple preloader is a good idea. thats why i want my site to be more unqiue ;p
  12. tissot


    Yeah, that's one of the reasons why I don't use Anti-Virus or Security programs anymore. I only have webroot spyweeper, which is good enough for me.
  13. I knew that the image isnt big enough for a higher resolution but..what i meant is.. the backup image's size would be 714x1, which will automacially add onto the bottom of the page to glue your resolution so there wont be any gap at all... a lot of backup image will be added (same image, same size). See what i mean? thats probably what i want to achieve.
  14. Lol, that was quick.There you go:http://h1.ripway.com/xelation/
  15. tissot


    I'm fairly new to FLASH, but can you help me with this?You know HTML Image Map? Well, I've made an entirely image (like contents or menu) for mapping, then I've added animated buttons on it. All working so good.. but I want to convert my work into FLASH because I want to add a preloader to my work because it takes slow for my animated buttons on the image map to load.Thx
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