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  1. Can some one please help me to use a link (on a page) to change an iframe within the page without changing the base page.I have made a base page with an iframe as the body of the page, then wish to use a link to change only the iframe to make a subpage with the base still in place.Thanks for any help anyone can gave me.Deanno
  2. Can someone please help me to center my page . Like so many other sites mine is set up on a 1000px wide page. however the page always shows up on the left of screen.Some time back I tried to get it to center on screen but was never able.ThanksDeanno0007
  3. Can someone please help me to layer some pages onto one html page.I am told it can be done with tabs along the top to changfe from one to other.Any help would be appreciated TanksDEanno
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