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  1. Nothing is coming from a database. Everything is still html pretty much. It doesn't recognize the " ' " for some reason.
  2. Thanks, I see I cut off the left bar div before it ended. Seems to work now! BTW, what are those little black question marks on the php version?
  3. Yeah I already tried that. The updated version is up with the div in the correct position according to the html. Still broken.
  4. I'm in the process of converting my html website into a php website. The problem I'm having is the layout breaks when its php. I don't know how to explain it, I have the basic files, header, leftbar, rightbar, content, and footer. I cut them straight out of the html and put them into the php files with the exception of the index.php which has all the "include" commands. You can view the site and probably the code with firefox. http://brandonroyer.com/php_version/index.php HTML version: http://brandonroyer.com/test/
  5. I wanted to know if I could somehow download google trends every hour and store it in a mysql database so I could use it to cross check and find popular long tail keywords and flag the ones that would be considered "long-term" keywords or phrases. Then the only thing I would actually have to "do" is research which keywords and phrases have the less competition and the lowest google adword cost. I referring to a topic I read at blackhatworld, the overall goal in the end is to make a profitable eCommerce type website with articles. This is all new to me, as is SEO,,even though I thought I knew e
  6. I did a search on google about this, and I read many different views. Some say that you should design your site based off the lowest resolution, so when you load it in a larger resolution, it will expand. Another article said you should base your layout on the largest resolution. Yet another article said you should base it on the smallest resolution, and use a table to contain all the divs. I know most folks here will say, "well it depends on your needs." Lets just base this off a "normal" web design. Whether it be a single column, double, triple...What are your thoughts? I've been using a div
  7. and also, the right side bar I tried to expand the width so there is no gap, and it keeps breaking.
  8. yeah it was a margin issue. I never knew doing a custom theme would be a nightmare. If looks ok on this computer, but my net book it squashes the nav area and moves links. When I click on my article and go to the page.php or whatever it is, the nav area is then wider than the content area, so I prolly need to search through the css for that content area and expand it. I also need to add the css3 support for IE, Opera, and safari.
  9. alright, new problem. This time I just used the default theme and messed with the css and added my own header and links section. I wanted to do this so I didn't have to manually add all those widgets. But anyways, the right side bar will not stay up next to the content area. Its floated to the right, and is small enough to fit in there. I tried clear:both but didn't work. I did most of this on my netbook, now that I am on a bigger computer I see that its broken. I tried to figure it out, messed with margins, widths, floats, nothing seems to work. http://zuppora.com/blog
  10. justify seemed to work. Thanks.
  11. also for wordwrap.. I put 10 px padding on the leftside, so its now away from the edge in the content area. But the right side I added 10 px as well, and had to take 2 % off the total width of the content div, but the end of the lines all are in different spots.
  12. the doctype was the problem. I also changed the other things you suggested as well. How does it know which Doc type you use? For html 5 it has to be <doctype html> and then all versions before that were the long ones with the url. Could you use a html 5 doc type and not have any html 5 code, since the most common change they made would be the <header> <footer> <nav> <section> and so on.
  13. I'm attempting to start from scratch on a wordpress theme to make my wordpress blog look exactly like my website, so when a visitor clicks on my blog link, they still look like they are on my website. I have the template almost done, I still need to add IE support, as well with some other browsers. I used CSS3 and currently only have support for Chrome and Firefox. The problem:I always refresh after I change some things, but when I was trying to get 2 divs to align, I was working more quickly, changing things until I finally got it right. The problem I noticed after I finished. I've worked on
  14. bmroyer

    Fluid Layouts

    If I wanted to make a fluid layout, whether it be single column, double, or even triple, what css properties would I use? I've been making fixed layouts, and viewing them in different browsers, and different computers like my netbook. My main laptop that I use is an Acer and it has a wide screen, so when I set the width of my websites to 950px, there is still alot of room on each side if its centered. Then when I view that same website on my mini laptop (netbook) there is very little room on each side. Would max width and min width fix this? Or could I make my body { } a really high number li
  15. I got that fixed, but for whatever reason, I can't get the page centered.
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