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  1. sorry im kind of new to this whole coding thing. so you mean i should use html for one background and css for the other?
  2. you should add adobe golive
  3. I think i worded my question to hard.How do i make my background contain tile.gif ( http://lillieandrose.com/tile.gif ) tiling acrosss the top of lillieandrose.com/index2.html infinatly? would i have to make the current background an image and make the tiling the Background?
  4. no, frame were an attempt to arrange images on page, after looking over w3school i learned to use tables and css instead
  5. search for AIM commands, and besides, thiere is no need for a myspace, myspace is just plain creepy.
  6. thanks.btw how do i have an image (not background just image) repeat itself infinatly?
  7. Parker

    download links

    What You See Is What You Get.They are web design programs that allow yoou to edit pages visually, and with coding.
  8. Parker

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    for something like this, ouy may just want to consider a WYSIWYG editor to make and color the table.
  9. My question is if there is a way to have two background images. One that does not repeat, and another that repeats horizontally across the top.
  10. I am trying to make a site for someone http://www.lillieandrose.com/index2.html . Is there a way that i can keep the current backgrond image (background.jpg) and have a second pattern (tile.gif) continue along the top? <body> <style type="text/css">body {background:url('background.jpg') no-repeat #e2006a}</style> <div style="position:relative;width:864px;height:865px;-adbe-g:p;"></div> </body>
  11. thanks i appreciate the help
  12. My site uses frames, and I want to let people know that not having the most recent NS, IE, FF or Opera browser could ruin thier experience of the site. I already know how to make java alerts and implant cookies, but how would I have the browser check the browser they are using?
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