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  1. I have a simple audio button I am trying to get working for my website however I am totally stuck on how to attach the sound to it. below is what I got: but_musicon (release) { gotoAndPlay(2);}on (release) { _root.soundstatus = "off";}on (release) { _root.d01.gotoAndStop(1); _root.d02.gotoAndStop(1);}___________________________but_music[indent][indent]on (release) { gotoAndPlay (1);}on (release) { _root.soundstatus = "on";}on (release) { _root.d01.gotoAndPlay (1); _root.d02.gotoAndPlay (1);}[/indent][/indent] The sound files name is "Chillout" and I'm just not good with Actionscript... so pl
  2. Ok so the short version is that I am working on a site for a family member and I am not good with java or jquery at all so I need some help.Here is the link for where I found the Verical Accordion: http://www.sohtanaka.com/web-design/simple...css-and-jquery/Also I rotated the image so that it could be used for a Horizontal view which can be downloaded here: http://jonhennessy.com/h2_trigger_a2.gifHere is the HTML/CSS Code: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"><html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"
  3. After playing around and seeing why some of the two columns was working and others were not I noticed that if I put a "height" value in the CSS for the right column it fixed it... even if the height was incorrect. Really weird.
  4. Hey guys, I am no CSS pro and im working on a website for a friend. What I am looking to do is have two narrow images be repeated left and right of my header. A great example of what I am looking for is www.cib-guild.com . If you look at the sides of the main body you will see scan lines running at a 45 deg angel going opposite ways on each side of the page. Well the website I am working on has something similar were the sides differ from left to right. So I need to know, how do I tell one to repeat left and one to repeat right of the main area of the site? The reason I am doing this is for pe
  5. My best way to explain what im trying to do is have you go to:http://www.ask.com/web?qsrc=167&o=0&am...p;search=searchOn the site above you will see if you mouse over the binoculars it shows a very nice box with a preview of the site your going. I want to do something similar but farm more simple. I just need it so when they mouse over thumbnail it does a similar box with rounded corners containing a larger image of the thumbnail. Now im not very good with javascript but if anyone can direct me to a sight they might know of that has a premade script that would be great. Also if anyone
  6. Brigog

    Upload System

    If anyone could please help me with this I would be much appreciated. Basically, I need a file upload system for our companies site. I need it so that when a customer fills out this form they can upload some files through this form and they will be transfered to a folder on our server located in /public_html/jobs/uploads. My problem is im trying to do way more then I know. So if anyone could perhaps complete the holes in my script or tell me how to I would be very greatfull. Also, I would like the script to include in the e-mail it sends us the name of the files they uploaded. <!DOCTYPE ht
  7. Okie basically what I need is my site has a static window of 1024X768 and everything outside that is black. Now I have red vector background I made etc and everything such as nav bar and fill is in that red background area. You make be confused here cuse im giving you a VERY basic idea of what the site looks like but what I need is for when I click on a picture in my gallery page that the background stays and the picture goes on it in the center. Now this would be very easy if i made a page for every picture but is there a way to make one page and it will swap the picture on it depending on th
  8. Does anyone know how or what its called when you have an image which in my case is a vector image of grass that I want to use at the bottem of my site that will stay at the bottem even when you scroll. Basicly my site is being designed for 800px wide and the grass image is 800px wide by 600 high and it fades from blue to white. I need it so that grass is at the bottem of the screen at all times and as your scroll down the grass goes down and where it fades up to white. White will be up at the top no matter what the window size. So if you are viewing at 1024x768 you would have the 800px image c
  9. Brigog

    Critique please

    Thanks alot, its nice to be able to have someone tell me where I can improve but if you get a chance please check it in firefox. I had a big problem with IE working with some of that javascript and the alignment not being the same in IE/FireFox. The teacher graded in firefox which is why I made the alignment work for that BUT I know its bad pratice to have it only work in some browsers.
  10. Brigog

    Critique please

    Im not sure if this is the right place to post this but I am very new to html / CSS/ javascript and this is my first site ive ever made. I was hopeing that perhaps some of the most gifted people could give me some advice on things to change in the future. This page was done for a class of mine but I really wanna know what real world people think about the design, layout, graphics, etc. There is two version of the site because we had to do it useing tables and then useing CSS. Again im new to it all but please anything will help me improve.ThanksTables site: http://sulley.dm.ucf.edu/~jhennessy/
  11. Yes its another domain, example would be they are viewing my site and in that pagelet it opens www.google.com within that window within my site...not even sure if you can do it but im trying.
  12. Okie, I have the following code im useing to make pagelets if you will for my website. The code im entering is unedited for my needs but it will show you want im trying to do. Basicly the code below makes a window that you can put text/pictures in through javascript that can also minimize/maximize/close/resize. I need it so instead of having pictures/text in this window to actualy load another site not of my own in it: ex(my page) index.html - had pagelet from abovepagelet window - shows website I choose as if I were opening it in a new browers window except a minimized view and when I maximi
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