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    Thank you for all your respons!I use MicroFocus Server Expres (Cobol) and it recorgnize the item name and value when I use input type submit.Is there no way at all to send the name and value when I use input type image?Rob
  2. Thank you Synook.It is too complicated (for me) to get through the Apache/SSI/CGI doc. I dont't get enough time to figure it out.Maybe (much) later I get into this stuff.Anyway, thank you for responding!!Rob
  3. Hi all,I created a program that checks if the item named “mysubmit” contains the value “Print”, if so, printing action will be taken. When I use input type “submit” it works fine.<input type="submit" name="mysubmit" value="Print">Instead of a submit button, I would like to use an image (and the item name and value passed to my program), so I tried:<input type="image" name="mysubmit" value="Print" src="images/printer.png">In this case my program does NOT recognize the item name and/or the value.Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong and how I could solve it?Thank you in advanceR
  4. Thank you, I will get into this and let you know (I thought that setting SSI is not CGI dependent).
  5. I tried the full path and all other combinations but that didn't work either.
  6. Apache-CGI-SSIHi all,I created a html layout named mylayout in wich I include another file:<!--#include file="includes/testrob.txt"-->When I load mylayout into my browser, the file testrob.txt is copied into mylayout. This works fine.I run a program inside a cgi script:#!/bin/shecho Content-type: text/html/mydir/myprog Inside myprog I display mylayout. However it does NOT include the file testrob.txt when I start the cgi script from my browser.Anyone have any idea why the include doesn’t work when using a cgi script?Thank you in advanceRob
  7. That works. Thank you very much!!
  8. Hi all,I would like to know how I make my text links in bold when using mouseover. I managed to create another color by doing this:<font face="Arial" size="1"><input type="submit" value="Clear" style="font-family: Verdana; color: #000080; background-color: #C0C0C0; font-size: 8pt" tabindex="68" name="submit" onmouseover="style.color='red'" onmouseout="style.color='#000080'">When I move the mouse over the pushbutton, it will change the blue color to red. I would like to know how to make the text in the pushbutton bold.Thank you in advanceRob
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