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  1. Hi all!Im need code social network same facebook . If everybody konw it. Plase send for me link . Thank you
  2. Hi all!I need login at site but register cookie other site . Example : login http://tes.com but value host of cookie have value test1.com plase help me
  3. thank you justsomeguy very much!
  4. I have DB Oracle table User include : ID,USERID,MONEY,TIME . I was select a record (The time : 4/11/2009 5:52:55 PM )select time from user where user ='John' and money>300 . Now i have value : time = rscon("time") Now i want calculate number day from now to the time = rscon("time"). Plase help me
  5. Hi all!Im have table USER include : ID,NAME,REGDATE. Now i want make a pages report : search all user was register from 2/2/2009 to 3/3/2009 . Result will list query and have a buton name " Export to Exel " . When Admin click into buton will export result of query to ExelPlase help me
  6. Hi all!Im using VS 2008 C# . I was make a site E commercer(CC). Now , I have a new site diffrent from other company. My work, I need intergrate 2 site. , Now i need a webservice for check user from that site. If user login from my site . They don't must login on that site.Thank you
  7. Hi all!Im use Captcha for my form on 1 webserver very ok!. but when i upload into 3 server web (Load blancing). When i type captcha into my form .The system appear : I was type error code (Because the session on 3 webserver is defferrent ). Plase help me : how to use captcha on webserver use load balancing.Thank
  8. Hi all!I have Table include : ID,PRODUCT,MONEY with Data : ID BANK MONEY1 HSTC 100$2 CITYBANK 50EU....Now, The customer want change MONEY from EU ->$ folow rate 1EU = 1.5 $. Plase help me make a page by ASP use AJAX : Include 1 combox EU(For user choice EU) and 1 Textbox list MONEY of BANK. 1 Combobox include DOLLA for user choice DOLA. And a textboxt for user type money need change.plase help me
  9. Hi All!I want a script creat 1000000 account ( ag0000001 to ag1000000) with password different . Passwod include 2 field a feild PASS encript by Base64 and a field TEXT_PASS is password as text Thank
  10. hi all!I need open source same Youtube (Allow user post Media,..to that pages)thank
  11. Hi All!i have 2 Website and 2 Database . Now, i want use solution : user login on 1 Website and he can use function on that Website (don't need login on that website ). Please help me .
  12. Hi all!I have 2 table: Table User include : ID,Name and a table Class include : ID,Classname. Table User in DB : DB1 on serrver and table Class in DB2 on Server . Now ,i want select all user information in ASP . Plase help me
  13. Hi all!i have folder:- DownLoader.cab and - classid="clsid:35A9D2C9-B3FF-472D-AF68-FA63AD28A7DD"- /activeX/DownLoader.cab#version=1,0,0,5now, i want make a page by ASP . On that page have a link when user click into link will auto download ActiveX his computer!Please help me
  14. About 5 second . My pages will auto change a images and link (same share banner in Advetise )
  15. Hi all!I need code JavaScript : about 5 second will change images and link .Please help me
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