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  1. Hi all!Im need code social network same facebook . If everybody konw it. Plase send for me link . Thank you
  2. Hi all!I need login at site but register cookie other site . Example : login http://tes.com but value host of cookie have value test1.com plase help me
  3. thank you justsomeguy very much!
  4. I have DB Oracle table User include : ID,USERID,MONEY,TIME . I was select a record (The time : 4/11/2009 5:52:55 PM )select time from user where user ='John' and money>300 . Now i have value : time = rscon("time") Now i want calculate number day from now to the time = rscon("time"). Plase help me
  5. Hi all!Im have table USER include : ID,NAME,REGDATE. Now i want make a pages report : search all user was register from 2/2/2009 to 3/3/2009 . Result will list query and have a buton name " Export to Exel " . When Admin click into buton will export result of query to ExelPlase help me
  6. Hi all!Im using VS 2008 C# . I was make a site E commercer(CC). Now , I have a new site diffrent from other company. My work, I need intergrate 2 site. , Now i need a webservice for check user from that site. If user login from my site . They don't must login on that site.Thank you
  7. Hi all!Im use Captcha for my form on 1 webserver very ok!. but when i upload into 3 server web (Load blancing). When i type captcha into my form .The system appear : I was type error code (Because the session on 3 webserver is defferrent ). Plase help me : how to use captcha on webserver use load balancing.Thank
  8. Hi all!I have Table include : ID,PRODUCT,MONEY with Data : ID BANK MONEY1 HSTC 100$2 CITYBANK 50EU....Now, The customer want change MONEY from EU ->$ folow rate 1EU = 1.5 $. Plase help me make a page by ASP use AJAX : Include 1 combox EU(For user choice EU) and 1 Textbox list MONEY of BANK. 1 Combobox include DOLLA for user choice DOLA. And a textboxt for user type money need change.plase help me
  9. Hi All!I want a script creat 1000000 account ( ag0000001 to ag1000000) with password different . Passwod include 2 field a feild PASS encript by Base64 and a field TEXT_PASS is password as text Thank
  10. hi all!I need open source same Youtube (Allow user post Media,..to that pages)thank
  11. Hi All!i have 2 Website and 2 Database . Now, i want use solution : user login on 1 Website and he can use function on that Website (don't need login on that website ). Please help me .
  12. Hi all!I have 2 table: Table User include : ID,Name and a table Class include : ID,Classname. Table User in DB : DB1 on serrver and table Class in DB2 on Server . Now ,i want select all user information in ASP . Plase help me
  13. Hi all!i have folder:- DownLoader.cab and - classid="clsid:35A9D2C9-B3FF-472D-AF68-FA63AD28A7DD"- /activeX/DownLoader.cab#version=1,0,0,5now, i want make a page by ASP . On that page have a link when user click into link will auto download ActiveX his computer!Please help me
  14. About 5 second . My pages will auto change a images and link (same share banner in Advetise )
  15. Hi all!I need code JavaScript : about 5 second will change images and link .Please help me
  16. Hi all!I want insert 25000 record in to my tabale USER (ID,userid,name) with values userid from user00001 to user25000. Please help me!
  17. Hi all!Plaease help me this problem. I have a webservice JAVa , Now , i want running this webservice by a aplication (C#.Net).Plase help me
  18. Hi all!I making a site music online please help me code allow user upload a file music in to my site. Thank you!
  19. Im insert into my DB a field (Varchar(50)) is : 200.000 . Now, I want this field multiplication a number will have result correct . Example : 200.000 * 2 = 400.000 (I was CDbl function but incorrect : CDbl(Field)*2=200 . Hic.hic .Please help me!
  20. Hi all!I have a textbox . I want when this textox list value of value user type previous. User can't type into this textbox (don't use "Disabled").Please help methank
  21. Hi all!I have a form register by ASP please help me how to include Captcha in my page. When user type true Captcha . Register OK. If false please retype Thank
  22. Hi all!I have a table customer: ID,Name,Age. Please help me scirpt (Full) insert a new record into my table
  23. Hi all!I have a form search result(by ASP) all custumer buy product in a day. Result include ID,Name,ProductId,Price,Time. Now, i want my page print total "Price" of all customer buy product in time. Please help me
  24. Hi all!I was visit some pages and see http://nhacso.net/Music/News/2008/01/05F64E41/Please tell me about how to encrypt same it
  25. Please help me.When i change DB from MySQL to SQL2000 . My Website (by PHP) code <?$rowsPerPage = 9; // how many rows to show per page$pageNum = 1; // by default we show first page$offset = ($pageNum - 1) * $rowsPerPage; // counting the offset$sql = "SELECT id, name, logo FROM company WHERE accept=3 ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT $offset, $rowsPerPage";$result = mssql_query($sql, $link);for ($i=1;$i<=9;$i++){ if (($i%3) == 1) echo "<tr>";if ($row=mssql_fetch_array($result)){?>When im runing appear error:Warning: mssql_query() [function.mssql-query]: message: Line 1: Incorrect syntax nea
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