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  1. Okie,but if let's say we use gotoandstop(1) which means sending it to the beginning,then it will not comply to how the buttons should move on the motion guide.What I'm trying to say here is-if we rollover the mouse on button A at 3o'clock,we want the wheel to stop right there.We wouldn't want the button to move back to its default position,don't you think so?Well,I will give it a try though, and I hope you understand what I'm trying to say here.. cheers!
  2. ok,the situation is like this.i have a few buttons arranged in a wheel-like position where it will then rotate following the motion guide which i have already created earlier on.now what i wanna do is-when i move my mouse over one of the button,i want the wheel to stop rotating.and when my mouse is out of the button,the wheel will start rotating again.will there be any actionscript involved in this case?help will be much appreciated thx
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