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  1. Agree!I can translate some parts into Chinease.
  2. I think the forum's link is only prepared for people who visit the site in earnest, so it's not necessary to make so such advertisement. W3Schools' job is absorbed in their tutorials.
  3. I think that may cost somebody a lot of energy.Some questions are very easy and should not be asked here before the querist have viewed the tutorial.
  4. CaiKanXP


    What's the aspect of your problem?The syntax, the arithmetic, or the object-oriented theory?Find out your problem's source so that you can take the right way.I think it will help you a lot to do so.
  5. We have the same thought~I'd like to offer my power to build the W3Schools of Chinease edition.I hope all of you give me some advice and help.It's exciting!
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