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  1. That worked great jsg, thanks a million!!!MM
  2. Would I simply say $where="/uploaded/";Will this take the root folder on the server?I tried that and it saysWarning: move_uploaded_file(/uploaded/RULES.zip): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in D:\hshome\michael\monty187.com\testarea\june2007\uploadfunction.php on line 144I dont think it can find the directory this way?I also changed the tmp_name to name.Thanks again jsgMonty
  3. I am trying to get the file to upload to an online folder from the user computer, I think it is something to do with the path I am using, here is my code $where= $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/uploaded/"; $uploadfile = $where.$_FILES["file"]["tmp_name"]; move_uploaded_file($_FILES["file"]["tmp_name"], $uploadfile); echo "Stored in: " . "upload/" . $_FILES["file"]["name"]."<br />"; echo "File upload failed for the following reasons: <br>"; print_r($_FILES); and the error now saysWarning: move_uploaded_file(/uploaded/C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\php3E26.tmp): failed to open stream: Invalid argument in D:\hshome\michael\monty187.com\testarea\june2007\uploadfunction.php on line 144Warning: move_uploaded_file(): Unable to move 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\php3E26.tmp' to '/uploaded/C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\php3E26.tmp' in D:\hshome\michael\monty187.com\testarea\june2007\uploadfunction.php on line 144Stored in: upload/RULES.zipFile upload failed for the following reasons:Array ( [file] => Array ( [name] => RULES.zip [type] => application/zip [tmp_name] => C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\php3E26.tmp [error] => 0 => 116 ) ) result: RULES.zip Thanks a million,Michael
  4. Hi All, Im trying to allow people to upload files to my server, I am getting the following error, anyone know what the issue is?Thanks
  5. monty 187

    php and css

    Thanks a million someguy!!!! Ill have a look into it:)
  6. monty 187

    php and css

    Ok, my head is destroied with this so maybe if I tell you what I plan to do you could try to guide me in the right direction,I am trying to create a drop down list as above which offers all the sites available. When the user selects a site by clicking it and not a button the name of the site is used to run an sql query and retrieve relevant details to be displayed. The way I have been attempting to do it is as follows1)create the list, which uses post to record the choice2)use this choice to retrieve dataThe problem is getting the value out of the drop list and into a PHP variable so I can use it. If I use javascript I have no way to convert it to a php variable so I was trying to get php to refresh the page so I can use post['name'] to get the input.Am I completely wrong in my attempt to do this? can it be donethanks so muchM
  7. monty 187

    php and css

    do i need to add onchange(...) to it as well to listen for a change?
  8. monty 187

    php and css

    Cheers again, I have another problem now though. Ill post it here to save starting a new topic.I want to use the value selected from the drop list as parameters for an sql query, anyone know what is the best way to do this? i.e, use the value the user selects to determine what values are displayed? can I access the value the user has selected from the list and create a php variable from it?Cheers again!!M
  9. monty 187

    php and css

    cheers guys, got it working. do you mean keep functionality in a different php file or location in the file?
  10. monty 187

    bottom bar

    It would be better perminantly at tnhe bottom. The problem with a fixed size page is i am planning a dynamic page reading from a mysql db.thanksMM
  11. monty 187

    bottom bar

    Guys does anyone know the best way to position a bar along the bottom of a page using css. A method which will work in ie and firefox?Cheers!!Fulmont
  12. monty 187

    php and css

    Hi all,I am currently working on another php site. I have noticed this on a few occasions and was wondering if it is just me using bad css. In any previous pages I created using php I used tables to structure data, now I am trying to use css.My problem is that when I use a php select operation to get data and put it in a list or a drop down, css moves the data or other data on the page to a new place. For example at the moment I am creating a horizontal menu with a drop list, data for this is read in from my db. When it is displayed the drop list and everything after is on the next line. is this because css cannot see the php or something??Below is the code please dont mind any other errors as this is an early stage,the css #titlemenu{ width:500px; float:right; text-align:center; font: .95em/1.6em Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color:#DBDFEE; background-image:url(//images/backblu.jpg); background-repeat:repeat;}#titlemenu a{ text-decoration:none; color:#DBDFEE;}#titlemenu a:hover{ color:#ffffff; background-image:url(//images/backblu2.jpg); background-repeat:repeat;} the php <div id="titlemenu"> <img src="//images/backbluend.gif" width="30" height="30" /> <a href="//index.html">Home</a> | <a href="//about.html">About us</a> | <a href="//team.html">The Team</a> | <a href="//services.html">Services</a> | <form action=""> <select name="sites"> <option value="community">My Community</option> <? $result = mysql_query("SELECT site_name FROM communitypage"); while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { ?> <option value="<? $row['site_name'] ?>"><? echo $row['site_name'] ?></option> </select> </form> <? } ?> | <a href="/submit.html">Contact Us</a> <img src="//images/backbluend2.gif" width="30" height="30" /> </div> Any ideas guys? It has done the same thing on another project and is frying my brain.Thanks a millionMichael
  13. Thanks guys. Is it just me thinks that coming up with text and colors is difficult or does everyone struggle with this?ThanksMps mma_fighter123, those links are very good
  14. Hi All, I know alot of people here are web developers and things so I thought maybe you would have some tips in relation to deciding on color combinations for sites and good text formats to use is certain circumstances, for example for titles, main text or buttons. I find this the most difficult part of page developement and somtimes it frustrates me when it doesnt look perfect.Any tips guys??Thanks a million Thanks Monty
  15. Thanks for the reply. It is really wierd. I have the entry to be added in string format in java. It lists below in the console. The first line of numbers is the string before the query and the second is the string after it. So the string has not changed when the insert is run.one001011021031041051111121131141151network: Connecting socket://localhost: with proxy=DIRECTtwo001011021031041051111121131141151URL: jdbc:mysql://localhost/addConnection: com.mysql.jdbc.Connection@But again in the database it has removed the 00. All the query is doing is inserting a string into the field in the database.M
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