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  1. Hello, I have created one XSLT which is transforming one XML to another XML. Sample XML. <Answers> <AnswerSet ID="1142"> <Answer questionId="Name">testttttt123</Answer> <Answer questionId="TesCal">1/26/2012 12:00:00 AM</Answer> <Answer questionId="testPhoto" IsProcessed="True">Node1216sadi20120113.JPG</Answer> <Answer questionId="Testrr" RepeatRegion="0" RegionName="Sam">rr111</Answer> <Answer questionId="Testrr1" RepeatRegion="0" RegionName="Sam">123456</Answer> <Answer questionId="Testrr" Repea
  2. Hello,My input XML is look like as below.<AnswerSet> <Answer questionId="Type" IncludeInGroup="true">Standard</Answer> <Answer questionId="Options" type="list" selectedValue="1" IncludeInGroup="true">item1</Answer> <Answer questionId="Options" type="list" selectedValue="2" IncludeInGroup="true">item2</Answer> <Answer questionId="Options" type="list" selectedValue="3" IncludeInGroup="true">item3</Answer> <Answer questionId="name" IncludeInGroup="false">my name</Answer></AnswerSet>And need output like<
  3. Hi Martin Honnen,Thank you very much, your solution works perfect for me... Again Thanks for solving my problem and share your valuable knowledge.Have a Good Day.Thanks & Regards,Sadiq.
  4. Hi Martin Honnen,Thanks for your quick response.we can not check with ID attribute value because it may be different means value of ID is creating dynamically. We can check value of RepeatRegion attribute, in sample we have RepeatRegion value two times like <Answer questionId="Question" type="list" selectedValue="1" RepeatRegion="0">clientID</Answer><Answer questionId="Column" RepeatRegion="0">ClientID</Answer> so the transform xml look like <QuestionItem> <Question>clientID</Question> <Column>ClientID</Column> </QuestionItem>
  5. I have XML file in below format. <Answers> <AnswerSet ID="1"> <Answer questionId="ItemName">qwe</Answer> <Answer questionId="Options" type="list" selectedValue="2">Update</Answer> <Answer questionId="NodeType" type="list" selectedValue="8">Test</Answer> <Answer questionId="ItemNodeName">Hello Testing111111</Answer> <Answer questionId="ConnectionString">Testing</Answer> <Answer questionId="Sql">select * from table123eeee</Answer> <Answer questionId="Question" type="list" selectedValue="1" RepeatRegion="0"&
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