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  1. Good Morning Guys!Thankyou for agreeing to do my site. Someone else who is equally as kind had already emailed me last night. I dont know how these things work but I would feel like I'm cheating on him if I say I still need help. But..if things don't work out between us (wow its really starting to feel like a relationship), can call on you guys for assistance?Everyones willingness to help me has further led me to believe that I shud marry a computer guy- you guys are just so friendly. Well I'm getting v.emotional now but thanx again guys for offering!
  2. Hi Everyone!,I'm looking for someone to create a website for my production company KyoniNyoni Films, which makes films that explore all aspects of human nature, whether humorous, tragic or ugly. Our current project is a short film we are looking to film in Audust /September depending on funding requiremets. Our dream is simply to build a 7 page website to showcase our work. I have created the homepage but need someone with web designing knowledge to finish off the remaining 6 pages which will be in the same style as the homepage at www.kyoninyonifilms.com. As our budget is limited, we can't afford to pay now for your services but we can advertise your work for free. We will be entering our current film into film festivals and approaching the media for coverage where you will be credited and mentioned as well as on the website itself.Dont worry you wouldn't have to do all the work yourself. I have already designed most of the pages- the problem is getting them to do what I want them to do. Its all on html, I'm trying to learn but my progress is almost backwords, and now I am asking for help! Also, I have a host already (startlogic).I know its asking for a lot but if you believe in what we are doing and you wouldnt mind increasing your portfolio then would make a great addition to our team and a film credit!If you'd like to join us please contact me on kyoninyoni@yahoo.co.uk Keep the dream alive!p.s u dont have to be from the UK, we are keen to hear fom anyone.
  3. Any idea how i do that or can u recommend a website? I'm flying blind.
  4. I've just broken my html virginity- in fact just yesterday. Spent hours setting up the front page - have a newly found respect for computer programmers. Anyway I think I'm catching on ok- I need help though. I want to set the resolution of the page to 800 by 600 so its accessable to all- how to I do that- I hate scrolling down the screen to see the entire page. My website if you are interested is www.kyoninyonifilms.com .Thanx.
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