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  1. see example here: http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/tryit.asp?filename=tryjsref_checkbox_order because you have 2 inputs with the same name (contact) <input type="checkbox" name="contact" value="E-mail" />E-mail<br /><input type="checkbox" name="contact" value="Phone" />Phone Number<br /><br /> you will need to use a for loop to cycle through the inputs function validateForm(){var contact = document.forms[0].contact; // Name of input elementvar count = 0; // count is zerofor (i=0;i<contact.length;i++) //loop through the contact checkboxes { if (contact[i].checked == true) // has the checkbox been ticked? { count += 1; // The checkbox has been ticked so add 1 to the count } } if (count == 0) // if count is still zero then nothings been ticked.{ alert("Please tick a contact box"); return false;}.........
  2. You could use CSS to put a margin around the images http://www.w3schools...n.asp#gsc.tab=0 something like <head><style> img{ margin:20px;}</style></head> this would affect all images though... you could narrow it down further, this would only apply to images within the form tag <head><style>form img{ margin:20px;}</style></head>
  3. If you have no control over the page then you can't edit it. You could try injecting in a little piece of javascript but the change wont be permanent and only you would see ithttp://www.wikihow.c...ript-Injections if you browsed to the page, in IE/Chrome, type this into the address bar and hit return (don't copy and paste as the browser removes the javascript:word) javascript:;alert(currents); this may or may not be of any use.
  4. could try something like this <div style="width: 10%; float: left; text-align: right;">Satyaprasad</div><div style="width: 40%; float: left;border-bottom: 2px dotted #000000"> </div>
  5. ok, so you go to this pagewww.domain.com/password/users.aspx you view source and you see var currents="[Jo,0,1250.21][ian,0.10,2578.30][Fred,2.00,249.25][sue,0.30,1157.56][Chris,0.60,0.15][John,3.00,4742.60][Carl,0.50,0.00][Amanda,0.50,1356.89][Zoe,0.50,549.28][Jo,0.50,0.00][Jen,0.50,0.00][Jo,1.00,288.27][Tracey,1.00,1499.20][Colin,1.00,0.00][simon,1.00,0.00][William,1.00,0.00][Ty,5.00,4872.86][Red,2.00,249.27][ian,2.00,1023.41][Jeff,2.00,0.00][Kevin,2.00,0.00][Carol,2.00,0.00]";? Do you have any control over this page (users.aspx)? I notice you said earlier Do you only have read access to this page then? You can't actually edit the files on the server?
  6. its quite literally trying to split the url:https://www.domain.com/password/users.aspxnot what is returned from the page users.aspx
  7. What does the url look like? you could try var currents=window.location.href.toString() instead of this var currents="[Jo,0,1250.21][ian,10,2555.11][Fred,2,186.36][sue,0.30,1157.56]";
  8. Hi, if you add a couple of paramaters to the process function - name and initialValue - you can then call it like so: process("Jo","0.50");orprocess("Jo","0"); The if statement can check if the paramters are found and the initial value not eqaual to 0 if ((temp[0] == name) && (initialValue != "0")) { alert("Found " + name + " and initial value is not 0 - total Amount is " + temp[2] ); } <!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><head><title>split string</title><style>.hdr {font-weight: bold;color: #0f0;}</style><script type="text/javascript" src="jonerror.js"></script><script>window.onload = function() {document.getElementById('out').innerHTML = ''; process("Jo","0.50"); // This will fireprocess("Jo","0"); // This wont fire }var currents="[Jo,0,1250.21][Ian,10,2555.11][Fred,2,186.36][Sue,0.30,1157.56]"; function process(name, initialValue) { var clean = currents.replace(/\[/g,''); var arr = clean.split(']'); for (var i=0 ; i<arr.length-1 ; i++) { var temp = arr[i].split(','); if ((temp[0] == name) && (initialValue != "0")) { alert("Found " + name + " and initial value is more than 0 - total Amount is " + temp[2] ); } //document.getElementById('out').innerHTML += '<span class="hdr">Name:</span> '+ temp[0]; //document.getElementById('out').innerHTML += ' <span class="hdr">Initial Value:</span> '+ temp[1]; //document.getElementById('out').innerHTML += ' <span class="hdr">Total Value:</span> '+ temp[2] +'<br/>'; }}</script></head><body><h2>Customer Values</h2><div id="out"></div></body></html>
  9. Extending the example on this page: http://www.w3schools.com/js/js_popup.asp You could use <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript"> function show_confirm(url) { var r=confirm("Are you sure you want to delete?\n\n" + url); if (r==true) { document.location = url; } else { alert("You pressed Cancel!"); } } </script> </head> <body><a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="show_confirm('test.php?action=del&id=1')">Delete 1</a><a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="show_confirm('test.php?action=del&id=2')">Delete 2</a> </body> </html>
  10. READ is a reserved word in MySQL - It's often best just to avoid them as you figured out, this should shed some light for you.http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/reserved-words.html
  11. scott100

    PHP and RSS

    That's some interesting stuff boen_robot, i will try it out tomorrow.thanks
  12. scott100

    PHP and RSS

    Maybe i should have said, the RSS is not stored on my server, it is coming from sites such as the BBC. I want to take that content and display it on my web pages.From what i remember the path to the xslt is saved in the xml file, but i don't have access to this file...Hope this is clear. :)EDITI done some searching and found exactly what i needed, a free script and the file sizes are smallhttp://www.extralabs.net/feed2html.htmHappy days
  13. scott100

    PHP and RSS

    I'm going to try the XSLT approach, i've not used it in a while so might be back for help thanks
  14. scott100

    PHP and RSS

    I am working on a project and would like to include an RSS feed. Using php, i want to grab the rss contents and convert them to html.Say i had a news feed like so: http://newsrss.bbc.co.uk/rss/newsonline_uk...cotland/rss.xmlDoes anyone have some code that would do this conversion?Any thoughts etc are also welcome.
  15. You'll find some good info here: http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=760And yes joomla is free, you can pay for some custom skins, components etc but everything i have ever needed was free. It has a built in editor too.
  16. It finally worked I chose ASCII and uploaded the script via FTP, refreshed the page and there it was. As a test I made some changes with my built-in editor, after a refresh the error page appeared. Guess I'm stuck using FTP but it's better than nothing Thanks for the help guys
  17. My permissions are set to 755.I added the Content-type above and i'm still seeing the same error each time i load the page :)EDITI have been doing a bit of googling and found this Maybe this is the problem? i am using a text editor supplied by joomla to create the script... How do i reload it using ASCII, will i have to upload the script with a FTP?
  18. Thanks for the help, it's as basic as it gets, displaying the old "hello world" script.I have tried saving my file "myscript.pl" in the cgi-bin and in public_html, it's permissions are the same as my PHP, JavaScript and CSS files so i don't think it's that. When i direct the browser to it, it doesn't work, i get a error message. The error message:Internal Server ErrorThe server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.The contents of "myscript.pl" are:#!/usr/bin/perlprint "Content-type: text/html";print "hello";Environment Variables are:Operating system LinuxApache version 1.3.37 (Unix)PERL version 5.8.8Path to PERL /usr/bin/perl
  19. scott100

    Few Questions

    Create a session when the login equals true.if (mysql_num_rows($result) == 1) { $_SESSION['logged_in'] = true; $_SESSION['user'] = $username; }//////////////////////////////////Then welcome them with something like this, i hope it works cause i haven't tested it, but should give you an idea.<?php session_start();$user=$_SESSION['user'];if(isset($user)) echo "Welcome $user";?>
  20. You took the words out my mouth Jonas There are Java and Cold Fusion forums which are not on the main site.PERL is still widely used in web development and it would seem suitable it had it's own forum.
  21. Batch files use internal DOS commandsLooks like your choice is causing the problems, try using this:CHOICE /c 1234 /m "Please choose a menu option."
  22. I need some help with PERL but noticed there isn't a forum for me to post a topic to :)Can anyone offer assistance? Nothing hard btw, i'm just starting out.
  23. Unless i'm missing something here your code is fine If you put an alert in the function you will see the value incrementingfunction calculate() { alert(iterator); iterator++;}Hope this helps
  24. Hi Chris, all you need to do is put the confim in a conditional, then use a window.location. if (confirm("Do you really wan't to delete?")) { window.location="http://www.google.com"; }
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