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    My interests consist of music production and sound design. I also like cats..;)
  1. No im refering to the portfolio images, how they change from one image to another..like image sprites, but its not whats being used..
  2. I don't think the above method is achieved using sprites..
  3. Hey guys, If you visit this site; http://devatic.com/?theme=Daisho you will see when you hover over a portfolio item that a nice overlay effect takes place, im wanting to know how to do this, not the whole portfolio or multiple images like on the above site, just have that same overlay effect on hover of the image turning all one colour with custom text and links.. Has anyone done anything like this and know how its done?
  4. Noone? I did a bit more in terms of styling but they still dont match, all im trying to do is have the gradients switch over on hover to indicate to the user they are over that menu item..
  5. Hi everyone, I am using CSS buttons behind my menu text items, i have two states, normal and hover, the problem i am having is that the hover state does not match the normal states attributes in terms of size. I think i need to add a margin to the hover state, but try as i might i just cant seem to do it. Its easy to understand what i mean by seeing it in action. Could someone please advise me with the code i need to add? Here is what i have so far: .slideMenu ul li a, .slideMenu ul li a:link, .slideMenu ul li a:visited { text-shadow: 0px -1px 0px rgba(000, 000, 000, 0.2), 0px 1px 0px rgba(2
  6. Ok, well i followed the instructions as best as i could, the code was spread between multiple stylesheet's. Not a lot has changed after making the edits, i know i screwed up somewhere but have no idea where..
  7. Thank you dsonesuk, your a star. I will crack on with this in the morning and report back my results, wish me luck..
  8. Oh, i was looking in default style.css.. Do you know if its possible to use firebug to search for lines of code and get the respective stylesheet from that? otherwise its a lot of guess work as to which styleshheet to search..and theres a lot in this theme..
  9. I just did a search for one line of code and couldn't even find it, damn..do you think you could paste it with line number? Pweese?
  10. Oh my god! That's crazy.. So can i paste this code in my stylesheet? will that work? i take it i need to replace the tinypic links with the URL to the image sprite?
  11. Thanks dsoneuk, Ok so i have made an image sprite of the menu button, the two different states, normal and hover.. What is the first step i need to do to get this ball rolling? Many thanks.
  12. Hi guys, I am trying to customize the menu of the wordpress theme "Mingle"http://themeforest.n..._preview/235056 I have replaced the existing graphic behind the text links with a simple 990px menu bar, what i would like help with now is adding the buttons that sit behind the text link, but over the menu bar, and the hover state to those buttons. Here are the graphics im using: mm-bg.png (graphic behind the text links) mb-default.png (button to sit behind the menu links) mb-hover (button to use on hover) Here is an example of what i would like the finished job to look like: Im new to all this,
  13. Hi, I am trying to hide an individual page title from displaying in wordpress. I have searched the codex but have not found a method that works for me, i have tried putting this in the page: <style>.post-title{display: none !important;}</style> Without success, any help is appreciated. Regards.
  14. ARGH!! Somthing went very wrong..the colour still did not change, but even worse is the face that my 2nd level menu font has reverted back to the body font.. HALP!! How do i fix things.. http://www.proaudioheadz.com
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