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  1. i tried it but im not sure i did it right....the script is in the head and the html as normal but it didnt do anything?
  2. how can you create a select drop down box that when a certain option is selected or clicked using the event "onclick" it displays and additional text imput box below it?example: i have a drop down containing the optionsmailinternetrefferalwhat i want to do it when refferal is selected i want it to pop up another imput text box so they can enter who.thanks
  3. jonas has answered my question and it works. thank you all for your input
  4. can you tell me more about this onload attribute?
  5. jonas thats the idea im looking for....didnt work exatly is there a way to get the onclick=window.open to open in itself by putting _self somewhere?
  6. heres more of a visual to what i am talking about 1=iframe 12=iframe 2-------------------------------////////--------------------------------------------////////--------------------------------------------////////----------------------11111---------------////////---2222-----------------------------------////////--------------------------------------------////////--------------------------------------------////////-------------ok so i have somthing displayed in iframe 1 and when i click a link in it i want it to display the link in iframe1 aswell as another document in iframe 2, only using the one link though
  7. I think i have a unique situation that someone might be able to help me with. on my website when a link is clicked within an iframe it of course opens it in that iframe but my ultimate goal is for it to open the link and open another page in a seperate iframe at the same time. i guess you could consider it double linking? is there a way to do this?
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