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  1. The add edit and delete button seems to work. But I thought the original post was about adding a whole new table / column? I've often checked my work with co-op companies. There are a few companies (www.coop-systems.com) around here locally. I guess I'm confused why you can't just add another dr (2) function at the top under the originals? Or is this after the program is already running?
  2. I don't know the code to rewrite files either. I'm sure it's POSSIBLE, but the code might look like something from the Matrix. Is this code for a forum or are you looking for table or excel help? Your solution is workable, and that's all that matters in this case.
  3. I really like the second code as well. It's very clean and useful. A local company (www.coop-systems.com) creates such coding. Sub, is a problem with not having your cities defined by the states? In other words, are all the cities getting lined up with states? I'm trying to follow this logically without getting too much into coding, but frankly a lot of these people can blow me out of the water.
  4. This is a very clean little piece of programming. I agree that the .sort function is very useful. However, I tend to get very lazy. I tend to use tables or even DOS to throw up information like that, usually while playing video games and listening to music on my headphones. Maybe I should just learn more about recordset.
  5. Head


    My limited experience has been that hardcore programmers (i.e. people that love to PROGRAM) love Python. People that deal with servers and Microsoft crm technology. People that deal with websites and email don't tend to use it, or talk about it much. I don't know anything about people using it as a gluing agent for other programs. It's apparently faster to learn in some cases.
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