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  1. Happy holidays to everyone, and happy coding!
  2. Happy holidays! Just a quick note to ask that w3schools continue to add the 'try it yourself' option to each tutorial - not just the 'play it' option I've seen popping up around the site. The 'play it' option isn't as helpful because we can't edit the code & experiment, which is an important part of learning. I don't have the page handy, right now, but I found one tutorial within the CSS group that offered only the 'play it' option. I simply hope this isn't a sign of where w3schools is going in the future. I recently found that sitepoint.com has some awesome editable exercises under the "Play" tab in each tutorial, but I've liked w3schools for years. Thank you!
  3. Can I just change _self to something else, like _blank or something? I'm not very familiar with script writing.Thank you much.
  4. Hi, all. I'm new to web dev, as you'll be able to tell.I have posted a small script from Accuweather.com to a test web page HERE. When a visitor clicks on the weather map or any graphical part of the weather window, the user leaves my site and goes to Accuweather.com. Does anyone know what code I can add in order to force the click to open in a new window?I'm not familiar with scripts at all. I very much appreciate your help on this. Cheers!
  5. TBolt

    .GIF's in Firefox

    Thanks for checking. At first, the animation wasn't loading for me. I noticed that now, though, the animation will load the first time you see that web page per web visit. With Firefox, I need to close the browser and then re-visit the site in order to see the animation. With IE, the animation loads every time I refresh the web page.Either way is fine. I can live with it. <edit> It's the "Safety" banner that I've been testing on the "Safety" web page.
  6. TBolt

    .GIF's in Firefox

    Hi, folks. :)I'm putting together a web site for my brother. I added an animated .gif (Safety banner) to this page and noticed that the animation only works in IE, not Firefox (version 2). For a minute, I thought that Mozilla disabled animated .GIF's in their web browser. Then, I realized that I am able to see the animated .gif at the top of the Web page in both IE and Firefox. So, I'm completely unsure why one .gif works and another .gif doesn't. I didn't find anything in the settings that would allow me to change how Firefox is handling the animated .GIF.Does anything obvious stick out to anyone?Thanks for your input!
  7. TBolt

    Button link

    Wonderful! Thank you, zanfranceschi. :)Where'd you learn that? hehe
  8. TBolt

    Button link

    Okay, quick question...how do we change this code so that the link opens up in a new browser?<input type=button value="submit" onclick="java script:window.location.href='http://www.google.com';" />Thank you much!
  9. TBolt

    Button link

    Hi, guys. :)When I tested pulpfiction's button, (http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=4987&hl=buttons), my web browser blocked the action until I allowed it. I'm just wondering if there is ANY other way to link a button to a web page w/out concerning the web site visitor about blocked actions.[edit]Nevermind...the web browser had to be set simply because I recently reformatted my system. Thank you for this helpful forum.TBolt
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