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  1. By the way you can try affiliate program.I earn 10 pound after 13 person sign up...
  2. [snip snip - no advertising please]
  3. wee, i wish to change to smf forum, but having problem to convert the database...
  4. Dear all, is that any free php directory script software like phpbb2 forum? which just need download and install. thanks
  5. thanks, you gv more than i need...
  6. Dear all,anyone know how to do the heyperlink when mouse over, it will display more hyperlink to click for that hyperlink category. Sory for my bad explaination coz I dont know how to explain that 1. thanks
  7. thanks that is what i need, thanks
  8. Dear everyone, this is a stupid question sorry for that...anyone know about the virtual path? please tel me what is that and what we can do with that thanks. and another question. their is 1 folder name A. A folder got B folder and indexA.html. B folder got indexb.html.to go to indexb.html from indexA.html to B.html u don something like this in link text\B\indexB.html (if no mistake)how we going to go back to indexA.htmlplease show me the code thanks
  9. Name: 110mb.comPrice: FreeServer side scripting(s)/database(s): PHP, Perl/MySQL,ASP(future)Space: 1GBBandwidth: 10GBAds: noWeb adress: subdomainAdditional Comments: It's its good for a free offer. and i am the member too Name: Malaysia hostingPrice: RM150Server side scripting(s)/database(s): PHP, MysqlSpace: 1.5GBBandwidth: 50GBAds: noWeb adress: freedomainAdditional Comments: I am the agent of that hosting
  10. Well, I am learning aso first last time, and now start learning php. Well, for me both ok, better learn both coz you loose nothing if you learn more, just spend some shopping time other to get more knowlege. some people may think php coz it will cost you less than asp (in term of hosting) hehe
  11. Well, I have same problem last time but in chinese, my forum version is in english and my member having some problem in chinese character in title. What i do is i go to the chinese forum and view their source. then copy their character encoding to my forum. it work well, i think you can try this up to find some japanese forum or other to copy their caracter encoding. since the character encoding did not influent the english character. hope this can help you
  12. stevenchoon


    Dear all,I use the phpbb2 forum as my forum and I want add some blog fuction to each of my member in forum is that posible?which every member that register in my forum can hv their own blog automatically. Actually how the multiply and so on provide the blog service that when every member register will hv their own sub domain and blog. please help me if you can. thanks in advance... here is my web from free host www.travel.110mb.com
  13. thanks, thats what I need..
  14. stevenchoon

    Install Mysql

    Hi guy,I need help, this might be easy answer for you, I am sorry for that but i really need the answerI download mysql from here http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/5.0.htmlI download the Windows (x86) installer,when I finish install and try to create table in mysql, I didnt find anything that can allow me to create table, I need something like the enterprise manager in MS sql server 2000.Or did i miss something? which I need to download extra software for Mysql.thanks.
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