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  1. eclisse

    Color Picker

    After 2 days of reflexions, i'm back!!you're right, i've mistaked!!! i've mixed up gradient color and light dark color... sorry...Is for that i didn't understand your last msg where you're talking about 2 colors in request... Of course, a gradient is build from one to antoher, so what i wanted to do was not possible in the way i supposed to do it... my gradient in fact worked well, just it's not what i wanted to do.So, i need to get a color from request and create a "gradient" with modification of the light of this color. And in that way, my first one will be black and my last white (or invers
  2. eclisse

    Color Picker

    A simple list like the one from the page of 3schools (the right part gotten by ajax) i talk about at the beginning of this post. just pass a color in request and get the list of the gradient for this color from black to white.I thought it was maybe not too complicated... finally, maybe it is...
  3. eclisse

    Color Picker

    ok, i've corrected to increment each value rgb with the number of graduation.But there is no change when i load with another color.need i take my request color as my base color and change my loop :request color and decrement from this to the 000 value to the 10 first ?request color and increment the fff for the 10 last ?
  4. eclisse

    Color Picker

    Try this :http://demo.eklize.com/colorpicker/gradien...colorhex=ff0000Don't care about the long long long gradient.... i'll see later to reduce it.I did as you told me, take the difference between start en end and divide by number of graduations.Try to reload the page with another color code (as 336699, this is a blue one)...no blue color in my gradient...what is missing ?
  5. eclisse

    Color Picker

    Yes, sur!! trouble is : which algorithm.... i try in many ways without find it.If i pass by request an 336699 color, my gradient from 0 to 255 don't use blue color instead of...If you can help to write it, it's with pleasure i ask you.Thanks
  6. eclisse

    Color Picker

    Ok for the math.random function. Yes, i know. This is the code used on my page called by ajax. I just need to find a way how reproduce or undestand which function they have used to get this table of gradient color for each color passed by parameter
  7. eclisse

    Color Picker

    Thanks for your answer.yes, you can see it on http://demo.eklize.com/colorpicker/gradien...colorHex=ff0000I have try to analyse code used by the page from 3schools but i don't succed to find the way they use to display this gradient from 000000 to ffffff each time with every nuances of color.I see they pass by parameter a variable from a javascript math function but i don't undestand if this has an incidence and whereThanks to give me a little help
  8. eclisse

    Color Picker

    Hi.I'm new on forum from France.I've found a wonderful system of colorpicker from pages of W3schools but i don't understand part of this module.the link is : http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_colorpicker.aspI was interesting to create this type of linear gradient from black to white with a specific color passed by parameters.I've created a function to do it but it's not working so fine.I paste my code here : <% colorHex=request("colorHex") Red = cdbl("&H"& mid(colorHex,1,2))Green = cdbl("&H"& mid(colorHex,3,2))Blue = cdbl("&H"& mid(colorHex,5,2))ColorHexR = RedColor
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