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  1. Hi I've a maths related site and i've some calculators under different category.Please look over it and suggest what i can improve and what i can add...My site url : http://easycalculation.com
  2. HiI'm going to let users add videos and then display them back on my website.So can u suggest some free video player plugins which i can use to render video files.I want to give my users a good experience playing with those players like youtube.If there are some good plugins with advanced features then i wont mind paying some..Suggestions please.
  3. This thread helped to know the innerHTML property for the first time..Thanks
  4. hiI'm in a need of providing dynamic alignment facility to the users of my site in order to print the content of my site.Have anyone looked at the alignment option provided in the online version of the Quickbooks..I want to have that kind of thing..I want to align the text at various positions inside the content.. like aligning the amount,name, address in the check/draft in order to print correctly..The main part is to show the users how the contents would look like after every dynamic change..Is there any predefined scripts for aligning or could u please show me a way where i can get thru??
  5. hi Adam, thanks for ur reply.it would fine and i know this.but what i want to know is that , suppose the above file is 'xx.php' and i'm having a file called 'yy.php' and i want to use the variables $x,$y in 'yy.php'here what i have to do?the two scripts xx.php and yy.php does two different things but the values from yy.php is needed to xx.php
  6. hi , i'm developing a web application and as for as i used databases , i have no probs in storing info or data.when i thinked about using files, i had a doubt about the data.I'm using different pages(Scripts) for a single application and in a single page i'm setting a value such as preferences on selecting radio buttons and i have to store different values based on the selection and i want to check the value of that variable in more other scripts where i would list all other details using the value.how can i access the value of the variable.Is there any special keyword for declaring a variable as a global variable which is accessible thru more scripts or pages.Note: I'm not using any classes and i'm simply using coded scripts.Pl help me...
  7. hi,i'm using a file stored in a common folder which is shared among many scripts.I'm using the file() function to fetch the from the file and process that info.When the txt file is stored within the same folder/directory it is running cleanly ,but when the txt file is stored in a common position , the script shows the error the file not found error.I want to store the txt file in the common folder and i want the specific code to fetch the info .How can handle this situation,..The code isFile file.phpCode: class hardcode{ var $textfile; var $name; var $no; function setFile($fname) { $this->textfile = $fname; } function getDetails($text) { $this->name = $text; foreach(file($this->textfile) as $line) // here even i tried foreach(file($this->textfile,1) as $line) for checking the file in include paths { $arr = explode('--', $line); if(strcmp(trim($arr[1]),$this->name)==0) { $this->no = $arr[0]; } } if(isset($this->no)) { return $this->no; } } } This file and the txt file which contains some info is stored in a common folder.check.phpCode: <?php include "file.php"; $fileobj->setFile('accounts.txt'); $dbobj = new dbclass; $nn = $fileobj->getDetails('joseph'); ?> File.php and accounts.txt is stored in a common folder and the check.php is stored in a separate folder.How can i handle this???
  8. I've also visited that site.The images can be useful to some category of people.But the free scripts and tutorials are helpful.I think the site is worth visiting...
  9. Hi , I have noticed a mail script with your needs, I'm already using that , take a try and it's also free and can be downloaded and can be changed to your needs.The url is Mail scriptTake a demo here Demo You can change the color and all others accoordin to ur needs.
  10. hi guys , thanks 4 ur answers , i haven't noticed that simple attribute.now it worked nice.
  11. hi , i have a problem in this code.the div tag is not hiding and when i click the button it hides and then visible on the page,here is my code , find the mistake i've done, <scrip t language=javascript>function hide(){ var id1=document.getElementById("abc"); id1.style.display = 'none';}</scrip t><table><tr><td> <div id="abc"> Hello </div> <form> <input type=submit value=hide onclick=hide()> </form></td></tr></table>
  12. Nice format and slim code..I'll try to write these kind of code.Thank you
  13. Hi , I'm having a page with two tables inside a table. The two tables inside the main table has unique ids.I have two buttons as show and hide.What i want do is , when i click the show button the contents of the first table should be visible and when i click the hide button the contents of the first table should hide and important thing is that the second table should be dynamically placed in accordance with the first one.Here is the codings. <script language=javascript>function show(){ var tbl = document.getElementById('default'); tbl.style.visibility = visible;}function hide(){ var tbl = document.getElementById('default'); tbl.style.visibility = collapse;}</script><center><table border=01 width=80% height=100%><tr><td> <div align=left> <img src='' title="Click to Show" style="cursor:pointer;" onclick=show()> <img src='' title="Click to Hide accounts" style="cursor:pointer;" onclick=hide()> </div> <table id='default' border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=1 style="font-size: 14px; font-family: arial; visiblity:hidden;"> <tr> <!-- some php code here--> </tr> </table> <br> <table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=1 style="font-size: 14px; font-family: arial; position:relative;"> <tr><th height=25 align=left>User Created</th></tr> <tr height=20> <!-- some php code here--> </tr> </table></td></tr><tr align=center height=35><td colspan=4 halign=center><input class=frmbtn name=add type=submit onClick=''></td></tr></table></center> Pls help me to sort it out. :cry:
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