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  1. Hi I've a maths related site and i've some calculators under different category.Please look over it and suggest what i can improve and what i can add...My site url : http://easycalculation.com
  2. HiI'm going to let users add videos and then display them back on my website.So can u suggest some free video player plugins which i can use to render video files.I want to give my users a good experience playing with those players like youtube.If there are some good plugins with advanced features then i wont mind paying some..Suggestions please.
  3. This thread helped to know the innerHTML property for the first time..Thanks
  4. hiI'm in a need of providing dynamic alignment facility to the users of my site in order to print the content of my site.Have anyone looked at the alignment option provided in the online version of the Quickbooks..I want to have that kind of thing..I want to align the text at various positions inside the content.. like aligning the amount,name, address in the check/draft in order to print correctly..The main part is to show the users how the contents would look like after every dynamic change..Is there any predefined scripts for aligning or could u please show me a way where i can get thru??
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