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  1. This wont work because method in your form is set to POST, and ii have to be GET, then this will work.
  2. Please can anyone tell me can ASP dictionary object have more then one item per key ? And how to use that feature. Tnx.
  3. tjodalv

    Problem Running ASP

    Use google and aspfaq.co. I am sure you'll get an answer. If that doesn't help, post again.
  4. Or you can use cookie instead.So you will have<%Dim strName, strLastNamestrName = Request.QueryString("fname")strLastName = Request.QueryString("lname")Response.Cookies("mycookie")("first_name") = strNameResponse.Cookies("mycookie")("last_name") = strLastNameResponse.Write "Hello " & Request.Cookies("mycookie")("last_name") & ", " & Request.Cookies("mycookie")("first_name")%>
  5. ArrIndex is not array it is a variable
  6. Subscript out of range usually means you tried to access an element of an array that was either greater than its ubound or lower than its lbound. For example: <% dim foo(1) response.write foo(2) %>
  7. tjodalv

    Similar to c %

    You probably want to have row color and alternate row color. You can do it this way: color = "#FFFFFF"Do While NOT rs.EOF...If color = "FFFFFF" Then color = "#F1F1F1"Else color = "#FFFFFF"End ifrs.MoveNext()Loop If you are in a For - Next loop the principle is the same ...
  8. Yes but my subcategories can go in deep unlimited, that is the problem.
  9. HelloI have app that has categories and subcategories and products. My app can have unlimited categories and subcategories and subcategories can go in unlimited deep.Structure of my table that holds categories and subcategories is:id - autonumber (category ID)parentID - number (holds the ID of parent categorie)name - txt (category name)Structure of table that holds productsid - autonumber (product ID)catID - number (category ID)name - txt (product name)Now if I have category Memory, and it's parent category Components. I want to, when is selected category Components, display all products that
  10. tjodalv


    Look at your code when you open your page on your HDD, and when you upload your page to web server. Is it the same code ?
  11. The difference between HTML 4.0 and XHTML is very small, actualy XHTML is new version of HTML. HTML is markup language that 'says' browser how to display a webpage. XML is something different. XML is used for storing data. On w3schools.com is explained what is the main difference:XML was designed to describe data and to focus on what data is.HTML was designed to display data and to focus on how data looks.You can start learning HTML today. All you need is a good will, notepad and web browser HTML is very easy to learn, and you can learn it in 24 hours.
  12. I see you like my sig :)Yes there is ASP.NET forums but why people do not use these forums. Insted they are using webwiz, snitz or aspbb ...
  13. Look, this is a project for now. There is no quality ASP forums on the market and this is why I think there is a chance to make good product. WebWiz Forums is good, but some things are made very sloppy. If you are interested you can suggest things. This is OUR project, not my.
  14. HelloI have an idea of create ASP bulletin board. I am an Tjodalv Bjornen, ASP programmer and I am looking for programmers to work with me on the project. If you are interested contact me at bjornen@net.hr for details.Currently I need web designer and ASP programer. Whole project is going to be commercial, so you can expect some profit.Tjodalv Bjornenbjornen@net.hr
  15. Dim doing, msgdoing = Request.QueryString("do")If doing = "edit" Then u_ime = Request.Form("ime") u_email = Request.Form("email") u_lozinka = Request.Form("lozinka") u_adresa = Request.Form("adresa") u_zip = Request.Form("zip") u_grad = Request.Form("grad") u_telefon = Request.Form("telefon") u_mobitel = Request.Form("mobitel") If u_ime = "" OR u_email = "" Then msg = "Required fields !" If u_telefon = "" AND u_mobitel = "" Then msg = "Required fields" Else If u_lozinka = "" Then strSQL = "UPDATE tblKorisnici SET [ime] = '" & u_ime & "', [email] = '" & u_e
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