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  1. Thank you for responding, I did post in flash and was shocked but didn't get one reply. I love w3school tutorial and thought the forum would be great support but isn't. I will try the CS5 help.
  2. Ok - please be gentle with me I am new to this forum but love 3schools tutorials. I used the 3schools tutorial to add a button on my flash web site. Also wanted to connect the button to a facebook link of our other site. FIRST I am using Flash CS5. I followed the tutorial step by step and got the button inserted into the library and onto the front web page. The little arrow even becomes a finger when I run it over the button BUT it will not link to or connect to the facebook site. I get to the part where the tutorial says RT click on the image choose actions from popup menu. EVERYTHING is fine then it says click on the plus sign - everything still ok THEN choose basic actions > and get URL. Heres the difference I have no basic actions option - I have to go to global funtions > Browser/Network > and then get URL. then I insert URL and save and then publish. Everytime I publish I get an error reading under compler errors that reads : Scene = main, layer >div>,frame = 1, line 1 and in description says or expected and no matter what I try it wont connect to the facebook site and I am copying it correctly because I tried it in windows and it took me right to my facebook page. The other comment I got was staement must appear within on handler. The tutorial was great and worked great until I get to that Basic actions > get URL part and I dont know if thats even the problem because I am finding the get URL in the global funtions . browser/network get url path. THANK YOU in advance for helping me and again these tutorials are great I just not sure why it isn't working. I thought I had it because the great tutorial when I saw the button on the web site and the arrow change to a finger when I ran it over the button. Don't think it matters but I am using windows 7 also. Thanks again for any advise - Dale
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