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  1. tyler

    File Uploaders

    Anyone knows some music uploaders? Need some cause I copied some music off my cds and now i need a url.
  2. this smilie >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> :| <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  3. holy crap these dogs are freacky......there dogs right?
  4. lol i was but ugh this had more effisise
  5. I WILL FIGHT FOR MY RIGHT FOR THIS, DUN, DUN, DUN:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THAT WE SHOULD HAVE (((((((((((((((((((((THIS........................))))))))))))))))))))))~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SMILIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((~~~~~ :| ~~~~~))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  6. proboards you can do that But then again you can use alot more codes with that then invision zone :| <<----They should have a smilie liek that 2
  7. ow that beats my 5 gb
  8. He should recount members who know i might be in the 5000s lolBut that woudlent be a good idea i should be liek 7,000 the first one lol lucky
  9. whos number one? The admin?
  10. Before w3schools I lerned on Adult Swim its a tv show hosting sevice and i liked the shows.But when they got there they had signatures like on all forums and I was facinated by this and they had a thread started to make your own or someone makes one for you. So I whent there decided to ask someone for and old html Box to put some links in and a couple smilies . Then they gave me a code to put in my signature and i looked at it and I was like whats this? Will this work? and sure enough it did.After that I whent back and observed people getting there own "sigs" I lerned the code quitly and after ahwile i figured out it was html! So I started helping people and after ahwile I started learning filters everything thats html..... But then Adult Swim closed people using html and then thats when I left in search to do something with the knowledge I gained...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~After ahwile I found some tutorials that didnt help me with what I lerned from that previous year. So I took a break from coding for what seemed like an enternity then I came back. I found a website that gave me Tutorials on how to learn html and css and tons of other stuff. I was amzed at how much i insignfic things i lerned and theres so much more!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Well thats my story whats yours?
  11. it was befor ethis existed. But I think proboards would be better then invisionone if this board ever decide to switch
  12. tyler

    Graphic Request

    wow i thought thered be a bigger turn out then this......Must have programs your self lol
  13. lmao well. Theres a time and a place for everything now is there.......
  14. first of the new forums not the old ones heh
  15. tyler

    what is this

    tushea justsomeguy tushaie
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