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    File Uploaders

    Anyone knows some music uploaders? Need some cause I copied some music off my cds and now i need a url.
  2. this smilie >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> :| <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  3. holy crap these dogs are freacky......there dogs right?
  4. lol i was but ugh this had more effisise
  5. I WILL FIGHT FOR MY RIGHT FOR THIS, DUN, DUN, DUN:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THAT WE SHOULD HAVE (((((((((((((((((((((THIS........................))))))))))))))))))))))~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SMILIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((~~~~~ :| ~~~~~))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  6. proboards you can do that But then again you can use alot more codes with that then invision zone :| <<----They should have a smilie liek that 2
  7. ow that beats my 5 gb
  8. He should recount members who know i might be in the 5000s lolBut that woudlent be a good idea i should be liek 7,000 the first one lol lucky
  9. whos number one? The admin?
  10. Before w3schools I lerned on Adult Swim its a tv show hosting sevice and i liked the shows.But when they got there they had signatures like on all forums and I was facinated by this and they had a thread started to make your own or someone makes one for you. So I whent there decided to ask someone for and old html Box to put some links in and a couple smilies . Then they gave me a code to put in my signature and i looked at it and I was like whats this? Will this work? and sure enough it did.After that I whent back and observed people getting there own "sigs" I lerned the code quitly and after
  11. it was befor ethis existed. But I think proboards would be better then invisionone if this board ever decide to switch
  12. tyler

    Graphic Request

    wow i thought thered be a bigger turn out then this......Must have programs your self lol
  13. lmao well. Theres a time and a place for everything now is there.......
  14. first of the new forums not the old ones heh
  15. tyler

    what is this

    tushea justsomeguy tushaie
  16. tyler

    what is this

    you should consider becomeing a teacher justsomeguy
  17. tyler

    what is this

    but viruses are single orgisnesisms
  18. No i meant before that lol
  19. tyler

    what is this

    Worms: Worms are destructive viruses that carry out orders and mutlply very fast, they spread out and destroy any dll and exe extensions. They go for the kill as I always say.Trojans: or rats most of the time the trojan has grown populer over the years because the user can control the romoetly accesed computer and can reak havak themselvesViruses:Simileir to the Worm but more precice the virus is usally programed to go and destroy one thing that its programed to do. More or less it's on a mission. Most viruses are created by the user and programed for specif orders.All of these are very bad bu
  20. It was called something diffrent but then it switched to w3 schools thats about time when i quite :|
  21. tyler


    ugh weird cause when i whent to apache it said 2000 and up hwat version would it be, I dont want to be to outdated.....
  22. tyler

    Graphic Request

    Hey was just wondering if i can help some people out by filling out some requests. But theres a limit to my powers, I can only add text to pictures and make a cool background with some text..... Just fill out the form below:Font: Tell What Type Of Font You WantColor:What Color For The TextText:What you want to show up for the writing partSize:How big you want it in pixlesoptianol but needed if you want, The Picture URL: Give me the picture you want to add text toand if you want me to make you a background just give me a couple more details.By the way dont get mad if i dont help you quick enoug
  23. lol wow thats a burn if i ever saw one
  24. Who hackers??? They usally stael all your inormation and bribe you with it and or seal credit cards and then theres newbs who destroy comps for a bit of fun......
  25. tyler

    IP tracking?

    Thanks but by chance does geocities suppost php? Because I'm using that temporarly and i think i tired that .php extension and it didnt work :|
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