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  1. Hello,I'm a student currently working for a university as a web development assistant. One of the departments on campus wants to pull the threat level from the department of homeland security (DHS) into their website. I had hoped that there would be a widget through the DHS website, but there is not. We cannot legally use any of the widgets through other websites as everything needs to be official.My question is this: Is there a way that I can use an iframe, or other sort of include type element to pull in a single <div> from their website? If somebody could even point me in a direction
  2. I really like what is happening in the background. I'd like to see what the design would look like if you took the green rectangle out, and continued with the subtle background design with the title still bold. If not that, I'd like to see what the background design (circular pattern) looks like if you took the rectangle out and continued it with a subtle green.As a whole the design looks very nice though. Keep up the good work.
  3. The link should be fixed. The arrows should only show up on the folio page, and on most resolutions, are down overlapping the links.Edit: If you still can't find them, I can comment out the background so that it is white.
  4. I've recently been working on a portfolio that I designed for a class last year. I'm to further improve the design and functionality of the site. I added a script that would improve the organization of my 'portfolio' page. However, the arrows that control which page you're viewing are not positioned correctly, and I can't figure out how to do so properly.Below is a link to the 'folio' page of my portfolio, as well as the CSS code that I am working with. I apologize for the messy code, this is more complex than anything I've attempted before, so I've been getting a little confused.Thank you for
  5. Thanks, that worked perfectly!
  6. I'm working with a photo gallery script on my personal portfolio. I'm having a little bit of trouble with the way that part of it is formatted though. In Internet Explorer everything looks fine (for once), and in Firefox and Safari it appears incorrectly. The site I'm working with is listed below.When you look at the "Featured Projects" section of the page, in IE, there is a margin between each of the images, but in FF and Safari they are stacked directly on top of one another. I'd like to have them spaced as they appear in IE. Below is a portion of the code I'm working with (I know it's messy
  7. Here is a screenshot of the project that I'm working with. You can see the scrollbar on the right hand site with some sample work.Click Me
  8. Hello-I think the title pretty much sums things up. Currently I've set it up so that the div has overflow scrolling enabled. I don't like how this looks in the design though, so I'd like to change it to an image I've prepared. Is this possible, and if so, can somebody direct me towards a tutorial, or other form of instructions on how to go about setting this up?Thanks,X
  9. I apologize that this is not directly web related. I've just received a request to create a desktop wallpaper that includes a timer that counts down to a scheduled event. I know that Windows XP had a way to use web-based interactive desktops, but that Vista has removed that feature. As this request is for a computer running Vista, using the web-based interactive desktop is not an option.I don't expect somebody to know exactly how to do this (but if you do, that's great!). I'm merely looking for somebody to point me in a direction.
  10. Basically the logic behind the table was to break down the different ways the computers are managed in the district. The hardware table shows us what components are in the computer. If parts are too outdated, they get updated or replaced. The tracking information's main purpose is to monitor the computer's current location and user. This table could be integrated with the Current Info table. However, we intentionally didn't include this data to the hardware as it is subject to change multiple times per year in some cases. The software was also excluded because the list of programs/suites is mu
  11. During the summer I work for a high school, assisting the computer technician. This summer he has requested that I create a database (using Access 2007), that acts as a computer inventory for all computers in the district. I've created several small databases in a college course, but am a little unsure as to what structure I should use. I've provided a list of the five tables and their fields. I believe that I may need to simply use the primary key as a foreign key in the other tables, but I could be mistaken. If somebody could just reassure or correct me, it would be much obliged. Thanks.Hard
  12. Firstly I would like to apologize if this is posted in an incorrect location. If so, an administrator or moderator is free to move it to where it needs to be. My question involves access restrictions. I would like to set up some web functions, including several pages and a forum that can be seen from inside a school district, but cannot be accessed from outside the school district. The school district runs on a proxy. Also, our website is hosted through a company outside of the school district, but we do have additional server space internally. I'm not even sure if this is possible. Thanks for
  13. AnonymousX

    Form Works

    I'll cross my fingers with you
  14. AnonymousX

    Form Works

    My two test pages today went through fine, almost immediately. Now all I ask is, do you see any reason why the autoresponder shouldn't work?
  15. AnonymousX

    Form Works

    I've had a discussion with the support staff for my web space, and have confirmed that no filters are in effect to limit the number of emails I receive. I did however receive 2/5 emails that were sent on Monday afternoon this (Wednesday) morning. They suggested that I check my form again, to make sure that it works alright. I'll continue to watch my inbox for the remaining messages, but what would be causing this delay?
  16. When you upload your website to your server, you must replicate the folder structures in which the website was held on your computer. You cannot just upload everything and hope that it will all work out. Maybe this will help you.
  17. AnonymousX

    Form Works

    Receiving an email and not receiving one. I only get the email about 50% of the time.The page is online at the following url.http://www.adhesionarts.com/test/contact.php
  18. I noticed something that you might want to try and fix in the link you provided at the top of the page. When you click the Home, Portfolio, and Pricing links, your website shifts slightly. At least in my FF2 browser. Maybe you could try to fix that.
  19. AnonymousX

    Form Works

    I have a PHP form that sends messages to my email. Could somebody take a look at it, because it doesn't work all the time. Actually, it seems that it has only worked for me thus far. <?php //Form Processing if(isset($_POST['send'])) { //Initialize error array $errors = array(); //Check name field if(empty($_POST['username'])) { $errors[] = "Name field is required."; } //Check email field if(empty($_POST['email'])) { $errors[] = "E-mail field is required."; } //Check subject field if(empty($_POST['subject'])) { $errors[] = "Subject fie
  20. Alright, I've taken what people have said into consideration and come up with the following. I'll address each of the issues individually.Boen Robot- The image have become slightly smaller in size so they should load a little faster. Also, I've eliminated a little bit of text, and made the text black for that matter. I've also cleaned up the code now, I think I've gotten rid of the align="center", border="0" and the <br /> tags in the document. I had forgotten that I still was loading the tab_script.js but it was replaced with the script that runs the new effect for image click for the r
  21. I've been working on a site for my small contracting business. It is only a day or so into production, but I was wondering if you could critique the design before I continue on, and get too far into the site. Currently, the links don't go anywhere, so what you see is what you get. Thanks in advance.Click Here
  22. Maybe try putting single quotes around the path. background:url('images/main-b.png') no-repeat;
  23. AnonymousX

    Link to page

    It's possible. You just link to it like you would to any other page. If the page you are linking to is a Projects page, then you might be linking to something similar to projects.asp instead of your typical projects.html. Does this answer your question?
  24. I've been searching the internet for something that will allow me to do two things to my link button. On a rollover, I would like it to change images, and also, for the image to move to the highest level, so that it is not overlapped by of the other links. I have 5 squares that alternate overlapping corners, set up in a straight line. Anyway, if somebody could direct me to such an action script, or could explain it to me, I would appreciate it a lot.Thanks
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