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  1. No, according to w3c that's correct for input type="file".
  2. See what you mean. I get an http 403 error (forbidden) on test.gif and call_us.jpg, but I can view the other image files in that folder. Could be a file permissions thing--have you checked the permissions on these two files, to make sure they're the same as the ones that can be viewed?These 403 errors are generated for more than one reason. If it's not file permissions, try copying the file back from that folder to a local box, and check you can view it OK there, to make sure it's still a valid image file, and didn't get corrupted during your upload/copying process.
  3. It should work. Maybe you left off the "()"? That stops it working. Try this and you'll see it working:<html><head><script type="text/javascript">function myfunction(){ alert('myfunction called!');}</script><body><img src="my.jpg" onclick="myfunction()"></body></html> If you still have problems please post your code, because it must be something else that's the problem.
  4. A file is a file! So if you've uploaded a valid .gif file, then an html page can display that picture. Are you updating the html to use a new img src for the uploaded file, or what? You don't say what "refuses to show picture" means, for instance are you seeing an error message? If so, what is the message?Note that the tutorial includes how to copy the uploaded file to a different location. So you should be able to copy it to somewhere suitable for your html to reference it, not try and use it in the admin directory.
  5. what does your browser/encoding produce then, when you view the above links?When I view http://webref.info/?ID=12055, my browser displays an info page with the text "Superscript 2", in the category "Numbering Characters". When I view http://webref.info/?ID=12105, my browser displays an info page with the text "Superset Of", in the category "Advanced Mathematical Symbols".Is there another reference, that really does show & sup being superscript 2? It would be nice to get a definitive answer on this.
  6. How about:<img src="myimage.jpg" onclick="myfunction()" /> The function can include submitting the form: document.getElementById('myform').submit(); Return always returns from a function. You would only use it to terminate a switch statement if you also wanted the function to return at that point. Otherwise stick to break.
  7. Instead of using createTextNode, why not set your div's innerHTML:document.getElementById('DOMsupport').innerHTML = 'DOM support';
  8. Just omit the FROM:SELECT null AS num, 0 AS lable, 'bib' AS name, null AS attributesUNIONSELECT num, label, name, attributes FROM MyTable
  9. I find it strange that you say that, because according to your links, they are not the same thing at all! The one without a 2 doesn't render a superscript 2, but instead renders a "superset of" symbol: ⊃
  10. Reg Edit

    body style

    You can add an iframe style to your css file, and set the iframe background there. That will override the body background.
  11. The divs in the whens don't have /div closing tags.Also there's an extra /div closing tag here (commented out by me): <p>Notes: <xsl:value-of select="notes"/></p><!--</div>--> Lastly your xpath needs quotes around the values you're testing for. You may be getting away with it when there's no space in the value, but it's a good practice to use quotes anyway. These ones are failing: <xsl:when test="//primary=Not started"><xsl:when test="//primary=Release Candidate"> which need to become: <xsl:when test="//primary='Not started'"><xsl:when test="//primary='Release Candidate'"> Just out of interest, what do you use for your xsl validation/testing? I don't do a huge amount of xsl, and what I do I do in Visual Studio, and it told me all of the above errors, so you might want to try using that if you happen to have Visual Studio anyway. Not the obvious tool of choice for xsl, but may help.
  12. The DataAdapter's Fill method is overloaded. You can just fill a DataTable: MyDataAdapter.Fill(MyTable) So you can use this overload to fill the individual tables you have in your DataSet.
  13. That wouldn't work, would it? The number "2" is part of the html entity.
  14. Actually it's a good idea to use CSS styles instead:<iframe style="border: none"> Have a look at the CSS tutorial.
  15. From memory, AddNew/Update is the correct sequence for an insert. But if you want to insert a record for each track, your logic needs to be:for i = 1 to request.QueryString("tracks") rs.AddNew rs.Fields("CDate") = Request.Form("ChartDate") rs.fields("chart") = Request.QueryString("chart") rs.Fields("position") = Request.Form("position" & (i) & "") rs.Fields("artist") = Request.Form("tartist" & (i) & "") rs.Fields("track") = Request.Form("tname" & (i) & "") rs.Fields("status") = Request.Form("tstatus" & (i) & "") rs.Fields("move") = Request.Form("tmove" & (i) & "") rs.Updatenext
  16. Reg Edit

    renaming div's

    Also, take a step back from your css styles and try to make them less prescriptive. What I mean by that is, if a style is so specific it can only be used once, then to some extent that defeats the object of maintaining a stylesheet. So, for example, instead of absolute positioning and measurements like 661px, try to express things in terms of the containing elements, by using relative positioning and percentage sizes. That way, you may find you can define styles that are correct for many or all of your pages, instead of just one.
  17. You can place a div inside your table cell, and set the overflow style of the div.
  18. In the computing world, there's a tradition of random not being random unless you take some extra action to make it so! In VBScript, you need to use the Randomize statement. It says about it here in the tutorial.
  19. I don't have the full explanation, would need to research it, but can you live with a plain htm page as your custom error page? That's what you tend to see in the examples. See if it makes the difference anyway.
  20. Your body selector isbody { margin:0px; } So Synook is suggesting you should change it to: body { margin:0px; padding:0px }
  21. Can't find what? If you mean mm_spacer.gif, I see you've now uploaded that to http://skating-camp.com/img/ and the html refers to it. So that should now be OK. (These spacer files are usually invisible so you won't see anything appear, just better line-up with the spacer in between.)
  22. I think the background:url has just accidentally been included in this style as well as the one you intended (I've commented out the offending line):#body p a{ width:61px; height:12px; display:block;/* background:url(images/more_bg.gif) no-repeat #082139;*/ margin:3px 0 42px 526px; font:11px/12px Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-weight:bold; text-transform:uppercase; color:#ffffff; padding:0 0 0 5px; text-decoration:none; }
  23. Another way to output the superscript 2 symbol (and other symbols) is to use HTML entities:& sup2; NOTE There should not be a space after the "&". That's just what I had to do to make the code post here. If you look at the HTML entities reference you'll see there's no space really.
  24. Yes but you must also upload the file. Currently only the other two image files are present in that folder.
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