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  1. And you say that's only on your home PC, not your work one (server). What OSes?For me it crashes in 30 seconds under XP, and never under Vista. (Both same FF update, both direct access.) I may reinstall FF on the XP box at some point to see if that changes anything. I may also turn on this Talkback add-on because at the end of the day, whatever the explanation about the w3schools forum "causing" it, it has got to be a bug with FF. You should not be able to write code that crashes a browser.
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    Have you put some breakpoints in, to see what's going on? Is the server event firing, and are the values as you expect?
  3. Thin client can potentially be very quick though, regardless of aging client hardware, because the server does the work. It sounds as though you are up against an underpowered server or server pool:
  4. I think that's because you have padding-left set, so the overall width was25% plus padding-left plus 75% = over 100% I think there probably is. But I'll leave it to others who've used CSS more than me to suggest some better ways.
  5. Thought we might be onto something here, as I normally remote desktop to the XP box and use the Vista box directly. But no. Just tried directly on the XP box and within a few clicks on the w3schools forums, it crashed just the same.
  6. You may also find the <pre> tag useful. View source of this for an example of some html rendered in amongst text.
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    A couple of things that would stop it working: <asp:DropDownList EnableViewState="false" runat="server" ID="DropDownUnit" OnSelectedIndexChanged="Set_Unit" DataSourceID="ObjectDataSource3" DataTextField="Unit_Description" DataValueField="Unit_ID"> </asp:DropDownList> The above needs AutoPostBack="True", or your sever event will not fire.And the line below needs to use "==" for the test, i.e., SelectedValue == "18" DetailsView1.Fields[1].Visible = (((DropDownList)sender).SelectedValue = "18");
  8. I don't do MySQL but in all the SQL I have used, you would need to do something about the spaces in the fieldnames, normally enclosing the fieldnames in square brackets:INSERT INTO orders (login, vocation, [current level], [desired level], [world type]
  9. Well, if it's an add-on, it has a name. And you say you downloaded it. So, a good starting point would be to post its name and a link to where you downloaded it from...
  10. What IE? It works fine for me in IE6 and IE7.
  11. I know the feeling. But seriously... to do it from code? There are ways, but... what code is it, and why would you want to do that?
  12. I haven't used XQuery all that much, but I didn't think it supported group by? Saxon doesn't think your XQuery is valid because of the word "group". Can you give a reference for this syntax?
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    The DetalsView's Fields collection is where the template fields can be found. To set the visibility of the first field, use index 0:protected void DropDownList1_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e){ DetailsView1.Fields[0].Visible = (((DropDownList)sender).SelectedValue == "Other");}
  14. A few days ago I posted a poll in this General forum. Currently it has been viewed 376 times. At one point it had a few votes for different options, but the vote counts seem to have been lost by the system. All the counts went back to zero! Has anyone else had this problem? Is it a known "feature" of polls in these forums?Now risen to 1 again as someone else has voted since...
  15. Not sure about the word "friend", myself.
  16. Been getting these crashes myself, again only on w3schools forums (very strange, that) for the last week or so. Have switched to using FF on a Vista box instead as I thought the FF had got corrupted on my XP box. My add-ons:Vista boxFirebugDOM inspectorGoogle toolbarXP box (FF crashiness)FirebugDOM inspectorGoogle toolbarFlashblock (which has never seemed to have any effect)Print previewTalkback (disabled)So far, zero FF crashes on the Vista box (been using for 2-3 days).Ah, I see Talkback says it "sends information about program crashes to Mozilla". Perhaps we should start using it in view of
  17. Reg Edit

    States of link

    I'm interested--is it £1000 each, or for all 6?
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    The dropdownlist is a server control and the standard way is to use the server event handler:protected void DropDownList1_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e){ if (DropDownList1.SelectedValue == "Other") { TextBox1.Visible = true; } else { TextBox1.Visible = false; }} which can be expressed more concisely as: protected void DropDownList1_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e){ TextBox1.Visible = (DropDownList1.SelectedValue == "Other");} (If you're using VB not C#, adjust as necessary).Wasn't sure if you had further questions about the custom validator, but that shou
  19. If you want a search box on a web page, you will probably place it in an html form, and when that form is submitted, it will submit the form contents. (See the w3schools stuff on html forms).The page that receives the form submission (a PHP page in your case) will be a search results page, but it will contain some server-side script that executes a MySQL database query. You will have to design that query from your knowledge of what data is being searched and what results are to be returned. You say the "current page" is to be searched; therefore your query needs to search the database by refer
  20. For instance, a stored procedure can include XQuery stuff that addresses elements within the XML field, without retrieving the record.
  21. Or a data type of XML. (info)
  22. Where are you seeing the hollow square? In the database, on a web page, or what? The hollow square may just mean a certain character code has no mapping to a character in the current font (i.e. it could be anything). In that case you'll need to check what actual data you're dealing with, so that you know what to search on. Presumably the range of possible characters is known, and not arbitrary?
  23. Something like:DECLARE @numleft INTSELECT @numleft = count(*) FROM tblTableName WHERE details LIKE '%►%'WHILE @numleft > 0 BEGIN -- execute the stored procedure here PRINT @numleft -- for testing SELECT @numleft = count(*) FROM tblTableName WHERE details LIKE '%►%' END BTW when you come to replace other characters it would make sense to pass two parameters to your stored procedure (the original and replacement strings) instead of hard-coding these in the SP, so you can reuse the same SP.
  24. You'll be aware that there are advantages and disadvanteges to using frames... some reading this would prefer to achieve what you're doing with divs, CSS etc... but anyway, as you're using frames, there is a way to toggle those links on and off quite easily:1) Add an onclick attribute to each main link, referring to a new togglemaplinks function:<a onclick="togglemaplinks(this)" href="Aether Homepage.html" target ="Page">Home</a> <br><a onclick="togglemaplinks(this)" href="Aether Sneak Peeks.html" target ="Page">Sneak Peeks</a> <br><a onclick="togglemapli
  25. I have not used CSS as much as some here, but I think if you have a mix of float:left and float:right stacked up like that, once you float an element right, you have to keep floating the others right. Someone may correct that, but I found that if you change the middle one to float:right, and use right-margin instead, it works:#subNav{width:20%; background-color:#0033FF; float:left}#heading{width:10%; background-color:#FF6666; float:right; margin-right:40%}#content{width:10%; background-color:#00FF66; float:right} but with the float:right, it seems to start counting from the right, so you seem
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