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  1. miffe

    'Sys' is Undefined

    Hello everyone,I am receiving the 'Sys' is undefined error while running my C#/ASP.NET Web App on my local server in IE6.First of all let me assure you I have been through the posts on the ASP.NET forum, I have been through private blog posts, and I have been through the solutions posted on ArcGIS Server Blog without success.The error only occurs after refreshing the page. The first time I enter it works, after pressing F5 (or refresh button) it fails. I have tested this on multiple machines so it is not my computer's fault. It does work on my dev machine, even with IE6, but on the local serve
  2. Thanks a lot for your help ^^I managed to fix it re-saving the 'time' as (date) + 00:00:00 so that way dates would match up by date, all having the same time. And yes, my group by clause was wrong, and I wasn't using the aggregate function properly, managed to fix it now :)Thanks a lot,miffe.
  3. I tried it just now... heres the code select problema , proyecto , DATE_FORMAT(r.inicio,"%d/%m/%Y") AS fecha , SUM(DATE_FORMAT(r.tiempo,"%H:%i:%S")) AS tiempo from registros as r inner join actividades as a on r.idactividad = a.idactividad inner join proyectos as p on a.idproyecto = p.idproyecto group by `fecha` ,`problema` ,`tiempo` ,`DATE_FORMAT(r.inicio,"%d/%m/%Y")` ,`proyecto` And the error is:Error in query: Error# 1054: Unknown column 'DATE_FORMAT(r.inicio,"%d/%m/%Y")' in 'group statement'
  4. Hey guys,I'd appreciate a bit of help with a problem I am facing... With the dreaded GROUP BY clause.I have the following table, with some data, just so you can get a grip of the situation: SELECT UNIQUE p.proyecto AS proyecto, DATE_FORMAT(r.inicio,"%d/%m/%Y") AS fecha, DATE_FORMAT(r.tiempo,"%H:%i:%S") AS tiempo, a.problema AS problemaFROM registros AS rINNER JOIN actividades AS a ON r.idActividad = a.idActividadINNER JOIN proyectos AS p ON a.idProyecto = p.idProyectoGROUP BY problema, fecha Unfortunately, that's not the solution... any help?Thanks,miffeP.S. I'm not sure if I explained mysel
  5. miffe

    Simple AJAX Problem

    OK, I decided to give it another try... I am using strict doctype. Do you have a list of changes required to have it working in strict doctype? I changed all <center> for <div style='text-align:center'> but this hasn't resolved the issue. This is just horrid, but well... yeah you are right, it'd suXx0r telling my customers "Oh I'm sorry, my system doesn't work with IE6 or IE7, just FF".
  6. miffe

    Simple AJAX Problem

    I took it out of the echo, and tried the \\\ method but it still doesn't work, same error. Bleh, I can't be bothered anymore... Instead I'll just do a TRY {} CATCH {} and show a "Not designed to run with IE6, use FireFox" message instead :)Thanks a lot for your help anyway guys =)much appreciated.
  7. miffe

    Simple AJAX Problem

    That wouldn't work because all this is inside an echo with "" at the beginning and end, so using " would escape the whole echo and end up back in php code
  8. miffe

    Simple AJAX Problem

    Just tried .replace(/'/,''') no error (apparently, unless my debugger just broke), but no result, and it breaks before the next alert.Code: function stateChanged() { if (xmlHttp.readyState==4 || xmlHttp.readyState=='complete') { var el = document.getElementById('txtHint'); var rt = new String(xmlHttp.responseText.replace(/'/, ''')); alert('rt: ' + rt); el.innerHTML = rt; alert('done'); } }
  9. miffe

    Simple AJAX Problem

    Found the problem! ... I think.as i am using single apostrophes ' as outer quotes I can't include anything with single apostrophes inside... when I tried<br><font face='arial'>asd</font> it obviously failed... but when i did <br><font face='arial'>asd</font> it worked.Is there a way in JS to quickly replace one character in a whole string like the similar php command?*EDIT*: .replace(old,new) should work but how would I replace apostrophes for ' when placing an apostrophe will exit the sequence?
  10. miffe

    Simple AJAX Problem

    OK This is crossing the border of ridiculous now... I tried your code and it still failed, though when I equaled rt to "ok" it worked... here is the code: var rt = new String(xmlHttp.responseText); rt = rt.substr(0, 12); //rt = 'ok'; alert('rt: ' + rt); It is crashing in the same line: "el.innerHTML = rt;"the text outputed by the first 12 characters of rt is <br><center>... so logically... I tried equaling rt to '<br><center>' and it crashed again!I tried <br> alone and it worked... but when I try rt = '<br><center>'; it crashes.any ideas?
  11. miffe

    Simple AJAX Problem

    el: [object]el.innerHTML: [resultados]rt: <br><center><div id='tablecss'><tabl.......... (about 150 lines)Then the same error alert comes up and I never get a "Done" alert.I guess the problem must be with "el" right because it should be a span element and not an object?
  12. miffe

    Simple AJAX Problem

    Thanks a lot Jesh for your help so far... and all the other guys as well, I really appreciate it.1. I deleted the .JS file and included the code directly in the same PHP to make it less troublesome editing it.2. I changed the GettHttpRequestObject to Jesh's one.Unfortunately I still get the same error in the same line, while trying to load the xmlhttp object... Going to try some debugging meanwhile, anyone else have a clue about what it may be?
  13. miffe

    Simple AJAX Problem

    Same error...Line: 56Character: 4Code: 0Error Message: Unknown runtime errorURL: http://localhost/ablog/actividades.phpLine 56:el.innerHTML = rt; Can't find much info about this problem on the net, there is info about incompatibility with the xmlhttp between IE and FF/Opera/etc but I can't find a real way how to solve it.
  14. miffe

    Simple AJAX Problem

    Tried it, didn't work. It's some problem with the line below that one: document.getElementById("txtHint").innerHTML=xmlHttp.responseTextfails to work in IE.
  15. miffe

    Simple AJAX Problem

    Hmm... The site works fine in FF, heheh... that wouldn't give me any error at all That's why I made the post in the first place, because in IE it's not working. Yep, in JS it doesnt matter if I use ; or not, otherwise why would it work in FF? Nope... when I ECHO a SPAN with id txtHint, this allows me to update whats inside of txtHint using the .innerHTML in javascript. I just can't find what's messing it up. I guess this should be in the JS forum as you all said, but who can move the topic for me?thx,miffe
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