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  1. The way I do it personally is with the Apache HTTPD and with SSI (mod_include) enabled.my apache conf looks a little bit like this: BrowserMatchNoCase MSIE MSIECSSBrowserMatchNoCase Windows MSIECSSWINBrowserMatchNoCase Opera OPERACSSBrowserMatchNoCase Avant AVANTCSSBrowserMatchNoCase Netscape NETSCAPE8CSS and then in my document header, I use SSI to serve different CSS Sheets: <link rel="STYLESHEET" type="text/css" href="var/trimex.css"><!--#if expr="${MSIECSS} && ${MSIECSSWIN} && ! ${OPERACSS} && ! ${AVANTCSS} && ! ${NETSCAPE8CSS}"--><link rel
  2. Technically, every 2D shape fits into the category of "Polygon"...Are you making four dimensional quantum graphics web pages!?!?If you're having trouble making the map, I used a program called "MapThis!" for windows which worked very well, the only problem is that it was made in 1996. Old, simple, but good!
  3. I've found the single items I have to 'remove' to get iframe to be unhindered (as if you were just placing an iframe code in a blank .html file) --A) the line "position:absolute;" from my "main" div in my css, and:) the doctype.Any reason why these two objects would interfere with my use of "height=100%" in firefox?Sorry for spamming, but this is driving me crazy, and I'm trying to provide useful information for each sequential reply. If this is something that simply cannot be solved, a reply telling me so would be useful :|
  4. Nago


    Technically, there really isn't a way you can hide this from users, because of the way the internet works- your code is sent upon request to the user when he visits your web address, and then his browser decodes it, and draws the site.If you successfully hid the source from your viewers, you'd also succeed in hiding your webpage from them, as well...There are scripts that prevent "right-clicking", but those get in the way of plenty of things, especially scroll buttons, and I would advise against using them.Maybe you're asking the wrong question. Why would you want to hide your web source?
  5. Still can't figure it out. I've oversimplified the HTML and the CSS to try to spot the problem.http://trimex.us/test.shtmlhttp://trimex.us/var/test.cssIf you try to load via MSIE, this will also be loaded:http://trimex.us/var/trimex-ie.cssI've had absolutely zero luck with this. If someone can point me to something that'll help, it'd be really appreciated.
  6. I don't do much advanced editing, so I find that notepad or GNU Nano wins the cake for absolutely everything.If I'm limited to editing on windows, sometimes I use mass text replacing magic using mIRC scripts (it's the only thing I can script in!) to fix mass errors, otherwise, it's off to freebsd and everyone's favorite sed expressions.:>
  7. Since the layout is a mite sloppy, I'll start with a link to a testing page with a similar layout- the 'real' one has a chance to contain offensive material.This test page is a static, dumbed down version of the real page, but should allow me to fix my 'real' page if this one can be fixed.http://trimex.us/test.shtmlThe problem is this: I use several div elements to align various things, mostly due to my incomprehension of html and css- div class main, which encompasses nearly the whole page, div class con, which stands for container, which encompasses most relevent text in the 'body' target ar
  8. hrm~! that makes sense as well. I found a lot of webtalk about how it violated some US law, so it was deprecated. What with the US being big, scary, and largely confused, I figured this was pretty much true, even though the web applies to much more than the US- we do have a pretty big influence on many things we shouldn't.Thanks for the Info, Jonas.
  9. For any curious;Found an answer with a bit of googling. The target element has been deprecated due to US law forbidding opening windows without that user's consent (though, I'd consider clicking the link consent enough, compared to some guerilla tactics used by ads)the workaround inevitably uses javascript, however. you can put something like this in your header (or .js file, etc): <script type="text/javascript">function externalLinks() { if (!document.getElementsByTagName) return; var anchors = document.getElementsByTagName("a"); for (var i=0; i<anchors.length; i++) { var anchor =
  10. I'm attempting to make any off-site links open in a new window instead of the window the site is in, normally I'd do something with the TARGET attribute for the "a" tag, but that is invalid in 4.01 strict, and I am very dead-set on staying with that dtd.Javascript would of course work, as long as I can get it to work in 4.01 :>Suggestions?
  11. You have a few options. They don't really involve CSS, but CSS is useful in dynamic changes like this. My preferred option (simple) involves an Apache server.google for "apache ssi" and look at the first link, it's an apache "how to" for setting up SSI directives (Server-Side Includes)I think this will do what you're looking for, if you have access to the server you are using, and are using apache.Otherwise, look at php and cgi.
  12. There are a lot of things that need to occur with HTML and CSS. Until then, take up drinking. It'll be healthier.
  13. for IE, whatever element you're using, make the same element in your css sheet, like.. .main { height:100%; }.main { height:expression(document.body.clientHeight + "px"); } the second one will only be parsed by windows MSIE, although it will make your CSS not w3 standard. any other non-msie browser will just read the first one. MSIE will see the second and use that value instead.Also, I could never get "height=100%" to work in firefox without any additional text after it. Are you a warlock?
  14. Nago

    Forced Wrapping of Text

    Overflow hidden will, as I understand, actually mask the excess text- the text that is "overflowing" is important and needs to be shown, but I would have liked to do it with a forced linebreak.The div element that this text is in already has a defined width- the problem is that if a string does not have whitespace in it and exceeds a certain amount of chars, it flows over the alotted border. In a short example, say this div is roughly 500px wide. If I have a word with no whitespace that now exceeds 500px, it extends PAST the border. I would manually add linebreaks for scenarios like this, but
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