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I'll be honest. I use this website to procure a lot of the info i need to produce the websites i make. But as of late i have had several questions that have gone unanswered. I haven't had to make an account to ask specific questions, until now (except a while back when i had a question, tried to make an account, then accidentally finding the solution, thus probably deleting this account with its inactivity).


It seems the only reliable and most responsive website i can find, in a relatively quick manor, is this website here. The better part of this, is that this website is a lot more trust worthy than all of the others. Making it the best choice anyway.


More honesty: I will be probably on when i am working on a web page, only. Meaning once I'm done with this project it could be a year or more until my next project. Also, while i am using this website i might not even post anything but questions. I may (lower than 10%) leave a reply for other people, only if i have a firm understanding of the answer. The odds of me posting here will improve greatly the more i learn. After all i do plan on getting certified for all of this.


Oh, yeah, one more thing, I'm attempting to teach myself all there is to know about websites in order to maybe better my odds in the "website designer job industry." Thus the certification.


[Not entirely comfortable giving my info (Location, Name, Birth date, ect) Unless i cant turn on privacy settings.]

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