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  1. Thanks guys for all the useful information. I have been reading the tutorials on HTML and CSS. And just got done validating my site. I use to think that CSS was there if you needed it, or just wanted to use certain features, but a lot has changed in the past 6 years or so. My grats to you all that helped me with this, it has been a real eye opener.
  2. I tried that along with just about everything else I could think of. I really do not have to worry about this as I can add document.fgcolor in the code as I am NEVER going to write out side of the table. I just thought if we could use style for thee bgcolor of the table it would be possible to do the same with the fgcolor. <td bgcolor='#000000' onmouseover="changethis(this.bgColor,document.fgColor='#ffffff')"> The above code will work, as long as you do not put any text outside the main table!
  3. I really wish I could just show you the page and then you would know what I am talking about doing. I have tried the scripts and so far it seems I am not expressing myself clearly. I have a web page and I display transparent animations on them for anyone to use. I made this site for people who did not, or could not make animations. So I used a table with two rows, each with a different color. I made this small table with two rows and 13 columns so that the viewer could move their mouse over and change the background color of the web page. I have since formatted the web page to to fit a compute
  4. If you can find this include file, it defines what you are looking for:adovbs.inc P.S. Do a search on your own computer and you should find it!And take a look at this web site, it explains most anything you need to know about:http://www.asp101.com/articles/john/adovbs/default.asp
  5. The code below will actually hide frame "three". You will only see the two top frames. I used this once to display a counter without 'users' seeing it! <FRAMESET ROWS="100%,*" COLS="*" BORDER="0" FRAMESPACING="0" BORDERCOLOR="C0C0C0"><FRAMESET COLS="50%,50%" ROWS="*" BORDER="0" FRAMESPACING="0" BORDERCOLOR="C0C0C0"> <FRAME SRC="FileName1.html" FRAME NAME="one" SCROLLING="AUTO" NORESIZE> <FRAME SRC="FileName2.html" FRAME NAME="two" SCROLLING="AUTO" NORESIZE> </FRAMESET><FRAME SRC="FileName3.html" FRAME NAME="three" SCROLLING="AUTO" NORESIZE></FR
  6. Frankly the day of the year is referred to as the "Julian Date", and since 01/01/xx is the first day of the year, not the zero day of the year, you can simply just subtract the current date from 01/01/xx and it will give you the Julian date--BUT-- it will be off by one day. So you need to place a fix: Now() + 1, because if you subtract 0 from any number you will generate an error in code. You are going at it too hard. The code language knows how many days there are in each month, so you don't have to factor that in. It knows when the year is a leap year too by the simple rule: it is a leap yea
  7. I have 'been out to lunch' for about two years, so I guess I missed something about web page graphics? I noticed that they are not displaying at my website. I tried checking security, and zones but can't seem to effect any changes in the way they are displayed (only first frame of gif). Anyone know why, etc.?To see what I mean, go to:http://whytehouse.com/crosses3.asp
  8. I have a custom popup maker at:http://whytehouse.com/custom-popup-win.aspI am not touting anything here. You may copy the html source code for your own use. I got the script from echoecho.com, and added the top and left variables.Or just copy and paste this into a web page:<script LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT"><!-- function MakeNewWindow(){result=new Array(7);for (i=1; i<=7; i++){result[i]="no"};with (document.popup){if (R1[0].checked) {result[1]="yes"};if (R2[0].checked) {result[2]="yes"};if (R3[0].checked) {result[3]="yes"};if (R4[0].checked) {result[4]="yes"};if (R5[0].checked) {result[
  9. DimNull

    Dynamic Width

    Here's the situation:I'm trying to figure out a way to get the users screen resolution and pass it to asp. I can do it in JavaScript and VBscript within the html doc., but then I think I would like to pass this back to the server so I can dynamically change the width of a table or td, etc. etc. <script language="JavaScript"><!--function myscreen(){var version;var width;var w;browserName=navigator.appName;browserVer=parseInt(navigator.appVersion);if ((browserVer >= 4 & browserName == "Netscape") | (browserVer >= 4 & browserName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer"))version="
  10. I believe if you subtract 01/01 from the date today you will get the wrong Julian date. Example: if you subtract jan 1 from jan 15, you get 14, however jan 15 is the 15 day of the year!So:strDateTime = Now() + 1 would seem to be the answer as 01/00 will give you an error.
  11. I want to search a string and display any matches with the search word in a web page. Now using the Replace function will not do as it will replace the word but not keep the original word in the text, i.e., if search word is fear and the match in the string is Fear, it will change the punctuation from cap to lower and visa versa. So I created some code to find where the match(es) occur and replace the original word with formated html code around the matched word to have it appear highlighted. The problem is that fear will match fearless, much like the find function in Word for example. If I ad
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