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  1. Make your own homepage, and redesign it every X months. Use everything you learned and a bit more. Push your limits. This way you get sharper and sharper even if you aren't doing anything major.
  2. Use a WYSIWYG editor, but code by hand. That way you can directly see what your code results in. Once you become better at understanding your code, try using Notepad++
  3. OK, yeah; but still if I crawl the page I can still grab that. I think that a php contact form would be the best. Forgot about that.
  4. Just a quick side note: I think you meant "to stop piracy" not "to stop privacy"
  5. It's simple. Bots will see john [dot] doe @t example [.] com. Even if bots can read that they won't be able to parse (interpret) it and send you mail (unless they're REALLY sophisticated)However, a human can read that. It says john.doe@example.com, and they'll be able to send you mail.Now, referring to my post, sometimes bots read the source code crawling for e-mail addresses. If you do the above and use HTML codes interspersed with that, then you should be safe from low-level bots at least.Or you can just make a picture of your e-mail address and post that on your site... the downside is that
  6. I'm not sure if this is standards compliant, but you can use the html codes from the universal character set. For example, an email address of nobody@msn.com would be (in the form nobody AT msn DOT com) #110;#111;#98;#111;#100;#121; #65;#84; #109;#115;#110; #68;#79;#84; #99;#111;#109; (Note that each pound symbol should have an ampersand (&) in front of it - I couldn't show it otherwise the editor converted the codes into their letters.)You can find the complete set here (don't know if w3schools has it someplace)It's best to intersperse those codes within your e-mail address rather than
  7. I like the page layout, but not the gold color.
  8. aquatsr

    Get image size

    I don't use an IDE... just use Notepad++
  9. Looks like thinly disguised spam/advertising to me.
  10. No. A stylesheet is used to control how each page looks. The content on the page is determined within the HTML file. From your remarks I'm (re)assuming that you only need one stylesheet. Isn't em rendered differently on each browser?
  11. I would keep two stylesheets. If only one page is different, it can have its own stylesheet.
  12. Also, on an Apple all the buttons appear the same (in Safari) so doing fancy colorings doesn't mean much for Mac users.
  13. aquatsr

    Drop down text

    Is a sweet game. People do still play it. As for Mario vs. Sonic? Go play Super Smash Bros. Melee
  14. I've used various hosts over the years, both paid and free (GoDaddy = bad). The best experience has been with Deluxe Host aka DHost; they've hosted my sites for four years and counting and I haven't had any problems except for this one really long downtime (2 months) about a year and a half ago. But, they're free, they have PHP and MySQL support, and they have a support forum as well. 100 MB, and virtually unlimited bandwidth.If you're looking for something like that... give it a shot. Take a close look at their Terms of Service as they do have a few restrictions (very reasonable!)Side Note: I
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