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    No in different cells like they are now. But I want to move the Eternity text underneath the banner. How do I do that, is it cellspacing or something?
  2. Do you know any good place I can upload music and sounds?By the way *screams* Bravehost doesn't let you upload .mp3 unless you pay
  3. Paraiya


    http://eternityonline.bravehost.com/index.htmlI'm trying to get Welcome to Eternity Online! underneath Banner here! and I believe you have to use cellpadding or spacing or whatever but i'm not sure how to do it.Also when I add rowspan='3' to the banner cell it doesn't fill up 3 rows, it goes down and eats up the 3 on the left.Little help please?
  4. But the boxes are tiny.I added the width and height but it only went wide. It didn't get any larger vertically.
  5. I'm completely new to HTML and all the crazy coding but I just use Windows Notepad.
  6. Well couldn't you just startup in safe mode and go on the admin account if there's no password on that account.
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