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  1. I'm wanting to learn how I can take information from some of my favorite sites and store them in a database on my site and using php to display the info. I have read bits and pieces of articles that say this is possible using RSS feeds but really unclear where to start about learning this. Most articles I read haven't very clear about RSS not to mention the diffrent versions and which I should use. Then they go in to saying you need an RSS aggetator, but never clear on how to install or use it, or were to sign up for it. So what I'm wanting to know if anyone knows a good book about rss feeds a
  2. Okay nvm mind i figured it out for some reason I had short tags turned off which in turn made <? normal text any how things working now sorry to bother with such a simple thing
  3. I got a class that generates the meta tags in my header section. but for some reason when i test on my local machine i get this fatal error.Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: meta in C:\wamp\www\Test\layout.php on line 4When I upload pages to server everything works find no fatal error occurs.is there something that perhaps i need to reset in my config files to accept classes now? I have never had this problem before so im thinking something got changed around in my config files.Here is my code. I'm Positive the code is valid cause it works on my sever but perhaps people see s
  4. yea i sent another message i figured out the problem sorta it never was this way before specially few weeks ago i know its not a server problem but when people sign up for the site they get 0 for normal user level 1 for admin and 2 for mod for some reason it got changed to where you have to be a 1 or 2 post. Never was that way before so the bigger problem is some how thing got changed weather i did something accedently during a 2 am programming session or whatever now i just need to go back and check how people login and trace the way up from there. its kinda of a mess but its a start.On the o
  5. Okay I written my own script to allow people to upload screen shots of a game we play online. However the strange thing is I seem to be the only one to get it to work when I upload screen shots. The screen shots when taken are saved as jpg format so that is not the problem but when everyone else trys it for some reason triggers the error parts of the code not allowing them to process the screen shots and upload them to the site.Now I have used this script for years and worked fine until I switch hosting company. Then It worked for a bit now all of a sudden everyone gets errors saying the title
  6. Yes I know what that means but it just makes no sense because if I remove my phpbb code (the code in red) in the login box code it works perfectly fine. There is nothing being printed to output at all in that code. all its doing is querying a database and updating data. This all leading me to believe it has something to do with the cookies and something in the phpbb sessions.php file on lines 182 and 183.I did modify that include on the login.php script on the first line that wasnt even suppose to be there but that didnt belong there that part was moved down to the else statment where login f
  7. Hmmmm sounds like its not so much a php coding problem but more along the lines with the way your 4 other table fields are set up. Check to make sure they can accept the right type of data for example varchar, text, ect and make sure the length is set for those fields if length is 0 it probably wont except data. Thats all I can think of for now maybe you can post your table set up how you have your fields define and we can see more of what is going on those 4 tables that are not excepting the data.
  8. Okay I been working on my login script for a few months I got my script working perfectly (so far) to work with an option for members to use the a remember feature. Now I'm working on intergrating my login system with PHPBB login so when a user logs into my site it goes through the login in process from my site and then it checks to see if they are signed up for PHPBB if not it basicly copies their login info from my main login to PHPBB database and logs them in.This works perfectly if they choose the option not to be remember on my login system and basicly use session for this visit to my sit
  9. Strange....it worked lol but seems kinda of silly something so simple causes so much stress lol. Thanks for the help i was going through every property possible in css to try to make it work and all i had to do is add the before and after my links to get it to work. Any how thanks for the help
  10. I been fighting with this for a few days now before i thought it was something with my layout but it seems its the links being placed in between my div tags. The links keep overflowing to the right stretching my div tag out instead of the next links being moved down to the next line when the end of the width of the div tag is reached. To see what I mean here is a picture.I added a border around the div tag so you can see where the links should end and move down to the next line. At first I thought it might be something in the style sheet since im using a template I purchased, but I added norma
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