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  1. bleh, never mind. just realized that my client isn't planning on having to change any of the HTML code, so now I've just reverted to the good old standard HTML with no javascript
  2. yep, I bust on IE often as well :)thanks that fixed it! I've just been getting into website design the last 2 months or so and have been getting most (if not all) of my information over at www.w3schools.com and they've never once had an example where I had to say div id = "foo" so I just figured everywhere someone said "this part of CSS is compatible with IE" I figured they were lieing lol. I do have another problem though, I'm also trying to display an image on another page which IE isn't allowing me to load for some reason. it's a standard jpg and here's the code (don't think I'm a crappy programmer b/c of the needless use of variables, I'm making this for a client who wants a very easily updatable website...she doesn't have the time nor the patience to learn HTML so I've been using variables to take store the pathnames to pictures)bah, sorry for being long-winded, here's the code: <html><head><style type = "text/css">text {color: white}</style></head><script language = "javascript">var background = "brickwall.jpg";var pics = "1_pageone.jpg";</script><script language = "javascript">document.write("<body background = " + background + ">");document.write("<center>");document.write("<img src = " + pics + "/>");</script><script language = "javascript">document.write("</center>");document.write("</body>");</script></html> for some odd reason the image will load fine into FF but IE just blows up at it, displaying the red-x of dooooomcan IE handle javascript?
  3. it just doesn't adjust the images at all. here's the code for the main page: <html><title>Digipix</title><head><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="index.css" /></head><body><critterLink><a href = "Critters/page_one.html"><img src = "B_CRITTER_LINK.jpg"/></a></critterLink><floralLink><a href = ""><img src = "C_FLORALAND_LINK.jpg" /></a></floralLink> <farOutLink><a href = ""><img src = "B_FAROUT_LINK.jpg" /></a></farOutLink> </body></html> and here's my CSS stylesheet. body { background-image: url("A-HOMEPAGE.jpg"); background-repeat: no-repeat; }critterLink{ position:absolute; left:1px; top:350px; }floralLink{ position:absolute; left:750px; top:325px; }farOutLink{ position:absolute; left:570px; top:150px; }
  4. so I'm attempting to place certain images on a page in specific areas. I used CSS to place them using Link{ position absolute; left:1px; top:350px; } and this worked fine in Firefox but IE doesn't recognize this particular feature of CSS, anyone have any ideas for a work-around that would allow me to position objects so they'll appear the same on IE as they do in FF?
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