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  1. First,I have been working with numbers, for example: <numbercontrol name="materialweight1"> <bounds rect="397,199,36,18" /> <nodrag /> <nodrop /> <noreset /> <description text="The molecular weight of this material" /> <tabtarget next="materialweight2" prev="materialweight42" /> </numbercontrol>however, this will not accept decimals. How do I do that?Second, Third & Fourth,I have figured out how to refer to other data cells. i.e. <source name="correlation" valuemap="1:-4,2:-2,3:-1,4:-1,5:-1,6:+0,7:+0,8:+0,9:+0,10:+0,11:+0,12:+0,13:+0,14:+0,15:+0,16:+1,17:+1,18:+2,19:+7,20:+8,21:+9,22:+10,23:+11,24:+12,25:+14" />This works fine for numbers, but how can I do this with strings?I'm doubtful on this one, but is there a way that I can make part of that valuemap numbers and make invalid parts strings? (Like a dash "-" or "N/A")Also, I have multiple pages. How do I make referances across pages? It does not seem to be as straight forward as items on the same page.Thnks in advance,Bakshara
  2. I have one section of XML that the user can enter data.Such as: <numbercontrol name="gearamount1"> <bounds rect="17,48,37,18" /> <nodrag /> <nodrop /> <noreset /> <description text="How many of these do you have" /> <limits minimum="0" /> <tabtarget next="gearitem1" prev="baserate" /> </numbercontrol> <stringcontrol name="gearitem1"> <bounds rect="60,48,200,18" /> <description text="What is this" /> <tabtarget next="gearweight1" prev="gearamount1" /> </stringcontrol> <numbercontrol name="gearweight1"> <bounds rect="345,48,38,18" /> <nodrag /> <nodrop /> <noreset /> <description text="How much does this weigh" /> <limits minimum="0" /> <tabtarget next="gearamount2" prev="gearitem1" /> </numbercontrol>Tese continue on for several rows.Now at the end I want a total weight of all of them.In a simplified form what I want is "gearamount1" times "gearweight1" plus "gearamount2" times "gearweight2" ... plus "gearamount..." times "gearweight..." <numbercontrol name="totalweight"> <bounds rect="159,7,41,22" /> <nodrag /> <nodrop /> <noreset /> ... here is where that total would be... </numbercontrol>Thank you in advance,Bakshara
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