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  1. The only way other people are going to be able to "see" these fonts is if they have them installed. Will you make them install a font just to view your website? I think your best bet would be to just use a more conventional typeface (or, list them so that if they don't have particular ones installed, it will revert to other more familiar ones).with regards
  2. Yup, I think it's a good idea...this board could do with 2 or 3 moderators. :)And I've never seen either of the admins around, they're probably too busy to come here. :)with regards
  3. You might also like to try out this JavaScript to combat spammers:<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"><!--var addr1 = "mailto:"var addr2 = "jack"var addr3 = "@"var addr4 = "eveready.com"document.write('<a href="' + addr1 + addr2 + addr3 + addr4 + '">')document.write('<span style="color:green">Jack Smith</span></a>')//--></script>In the above example, the user would see the words Jack Smith on the page, and if they click on the name an email popup to send to jack@eveready.com would appear.with regards
  4. Champion_Munch


    Here's mine - http://www.zoneforums.com/munchNothing professional, just made with notepad. :)Like Kcarson said, you can view the sourcecode for any website. Shortcut in IE: Alt --> V --> C. Handy when you are editing your own site with notepad. :)with regards
  5. Well, I'm using an XHTML doctype, so I guess that qualifies me for XHTMLDom. I only know HTML, XHTML and CSS, but I'm learning JavaScript at the moment (very slowly ).with regards
  6. To center an image on the page:<p align="center"><img src="alex.jpg" alt="this is a hip image" /></p>Where it says "alex.jpg" you put the image filename/location, and where it says "this is a hip image" you put a short line describing the picture. :)To right align it:<p align="right"><img src="alex.jpg" alt="this is a hip image" /></p>I'm not really sure what you're saying about "aligning images in a row," but you might like to try this out:<img src="alex.jpg" alt="this is a hip image" /> <img src="alex.jpg" alt="this is a hip image" /> <img s
  7. Hello, try out this link. :)with regards
  8. Yup - use Fast Reply down the bottom (my slow internet connection makes clicking on "add reply" take too long to reply to threads otherwise ).with regards
  9. A good start would be to provide us with a link/source. :)with regards
  10. I'm having a similar problem. http://www.zoneforums.com/munch/main/fatname.htmlIt aint exactly easy to squish 500 words into one line. :)wiht regards
  11. Absolutely. I continually make new designs for my website, even if they only last a few weeks, just to get the feeling of design and what my imagination can do. There is no substitute for first-hand experience. :)with regards
  12. Unfortunately alot of people don't, and their site looks like a mess in other browsers because the code they automatically implement is dodgy.Syntax highlighting I still reckon is cheating, I'd rather do it manually. :)PS. I don't judge a site by how it is made either.with regards
  13. And reading a book is much easier on the eyes (and back). :)with regards
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