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  1. The only way other people are going to be able to "see" these fonts is if they have them installed. Will you make them install a font just to view your website? I think your best bet would be to just use a more conventional typeface (or, list them so that if they don't have particular ones installed, it will revert to other more familiar ones).with regards
  2. Yup, I think it's a good idea...this board could do with 2 or 3 moderators. :)And I've never seen either of the admins around, they're probably too busy to come here. :)with regards
  3. You might also like to try out this JavaScript to combat spammers:<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"><!--var addr1 = "mailto:"var addr2 = "jack"var addr3 = "@"var addr4 = "eveready.com"document.write('<a href="' + addr1 + addr2 + addr3 + addr4 + '">')document.write('<span style="color:green">Jack Smith</span></a>')//--></script>In the above example, the user would see the words Jack Smith on the page, and if they click on the name an email popup to send to jack@eveready.com would appear.with regards
  4. Champion_Munch


    Here's mine - http://www.zoneforums.com/munchNothing professional, just made with notepad. :)Like Kcarson said, you can view the sourcecode for any website. Shortcut in IE: Alt --> V --> C. Handy when you are editing your own site with notepad. :)with regards
  5. Well, I'm using an XHTML doctype, so I guess that qualifies me for XHTMLDom. I only know HTML, XHTML and CSS, but I'm learning JavaScript at the moment (very slowly ).with regards
  6. To center an image on the page:<p align="center"><img src="alex.jpg" alt="this is a hip image" /></p>Where it says "alex.jpg" you put the image filename/location, and where it says "this is a hip image" you put a short line describing the picture. :)To right align it:<p align="right"><img src="alex.jpg" alt="this is a hip image" /></p>I'm not really sure what you're saying about "aligning images in a row," but you might like to try this out:<img src="alex.jpg" alt="this is a hip image" /> <img src="alex.jpg" alt="this is a hip image" /> <img s
  7. Hello, try out this link. :)with regards
  8. Yup - use Fast Reply down the bottom (my slow internet connection makes clicking on "add reply" take too long to reply to threads otherwise ).with regards
  9. A good start would be to provide us with a link/source. :)with regards
  10. I'm having a similar problem. http://www.zoneforums.com/munch/main/fatname.htmlIt aint exactly easy to squish 500 words into one line. :)wiht regards
  11. Absolutely. I continually make new designs for my website, even if they only last a few weeks, just to get the feeling of design and what my imagination can do. There is no substitute for first-hand experience. :)with regards
  12. Unfortunately alot of people don't, and their site looks like a mess in other browsers because the code they automatically implement is dodgy.Syntax highlighting I still reckon is cheating, I'd rather do it manually. :)PS. I don't judge a site by how it is made either.with regards
  13. And reading a book is much easier on the eyes (and back). :)with regards
  14. I don't memorise doctypes, but WYSIWYG proggies are just cheating. :)with regards
  15. I'm not really sure what you're asking...The script you use to link to an external .css file is:<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="filename.css" />You place this code between the <head> and </head> tags on your html page. :)Sorry if this wasn't what you were asking.with regards
  16. Champion_Munch


    What colour do you want the background, black? I would suggest not using the bgcolor attribute. :)Try using this on that page:<body style="color: #ffffff; background: #000000">....</body>with regards
  17. You CAN learn it online for free (like at w3schools) but I find using a book first up can be much easier. I used the complete idiot's guide to creating a webpage, the best thing I ever did. :)with regards
  18. Champion_Munch


    Are you asking something? And like Chocolate said, a link would be nice. :)with regards
  19. I use the greatest HTML editor of all time:Notepad. :)Anything else is just cheating...with regards
  20. I'd remove that email address if you don't wanna get spammed. :)with regards
  21. Disabling right-click won't stop many people from scabbing links. You can just look in the status bar, or even the site source. And if you time it properly, you can get past that javascript quite easily. :)If anything, it just drives people away because they lose their browser functionality.with regards
  22. CSS is used for displaying text, not constructing it. If I understand what you're saying, you'll probably have to do something similar to what I did (PHP includes - saves me ALOT of time).with regards
  23. Not quite sure what you mean, but do you want a transparent background on the image? That way, the white won't be there and you'll be able to see the fall leaves behind it.You can only do that with images that are in the .gif format (which appear to be the type you've used). I don't think you can do it in MSPaint though.with regards
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