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  1. var person={fname:"John",lname:"Doe",age:25};for (x in person){document.write(person[x] + " ");} Here the variable x carries no values as it was not pre-declared, Then how it outputs the result like- John Doe 25Also give me one another example of For...In statement, so that the concept becomes more clear to me
  2. Today i found more three errors while learning the JS lessons....!-1. (a) Go here- http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/jsref_getutcmonth.asp. See the para "Defination and usage", Hope you can see this- "The getMonth() method returns......." ! I think it should be "The getUTCMonth() method returns....." instead ! -(b)Another error is on that same page,on Example 2.In that example, hope you can see this part- document.write("The current UTC month is "+..........); . But at the "The output of the code above will be:" option it has shown as- "The month is....."-2. Go here- http://www.w3schools.com/j
  3. No dear i do not wanna append the millisecond part....! rather i wanna append other parts(like: seconds,minutes,hours,year,month,day etc.) of Date object and return only millisecond part....According to the tutorial "The getUTCMilliseconds() method returns the milliseconds of the specified date and time..."But it returns "NaN" as result when i take a date object this way : var d=new Date("July 21, 1983 01:25:43:520");document.write(d.getUTCMilliseconds()); By the way, the example of getUTCMilliseconds() , provided in W3SCHOOLS tutorial is really very poor, for which i can't make out this met
  4. I wanna return the milliseconds from a specified date and time...../// I've tried both in local time and UTC time ! but the following code shows "NaN"....why ?If the JS is wrong, then what should be the correct ? var d = new Date("July 21, 1983 01:15:05:002");document.write(d.getUTCMilliseconds()); I've seen in Date object referance that they avoided the millisecond part in example this way- var d = new Date("July 21, 1983 01:15:00");document.write(d.getUTCMilliseconds()); and so it displays 0 as result..
  5. Go to http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/tryit.asp?f...tetime_millisec and check the function checkTimeMsec(i)Hope you can see the condition of if statement there !Now, Suppose the millisecond of current time is 10...then the condition i<100 && i>10 will generate the millisecond part as 10, while it should be 010.So rectify that conditon this way if(i<100 && i>9)
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    XML Beginner

    I'm learning here XML.....//// Every lessons i understood clearly....//// But i can't make out in which case XML is used....I mean what's the practical use of it ?
  7. I'm learning web designing here since a long years,BTW i think the code should be rnd=Math.floor(Math.random()*31)+20;
  8. Thanks, You are a genious man !!!
  9. Can anyone tell me how to display random numbers between 20 to 50...
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