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    Thanks Vijay,But i guess you didnot understand my question.I am just trying to run a query, which should give me columns vertically i.e one below the orthe and rows horizontally.for example if my table "temp" is have columns a, b, c on giving select a,b,c from temp; i get a b c x x x y y y z z z but i need a query to givea x y z b x y z c x y z regards,sagar
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    I need to write a select query to get two columns, but i need to get these two columns one below the other.Example: if there is a table called "STUD" and two columns "NAME" and "MARKS" I need the results to be in NAMEMARKSand not as NAME MARKS .Hope this makes some sense. Thanks in Advance.Sagar
  3. Thanks for that reply.But in that case, the width of column in 1st table will difer from second and wil not align properly.
  4. Hi All,I am reading data from XL and displaying on a web page and as the data is more i have to scroll the data upwards.But how do I see column names always?As the datascrolls up, by column names are also gone up but I need to keep them and scroll only other rows.Please help me.Thanks and Regards,Sagar
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