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  1. Thanks. I know it`s done on the client side, the only thing that confused me is the extension. I thought it wouldn`t read the file if it didn`t recognise the extension. But it should work
  2. Well, I`d had used ASP .NET because I find it cooler than PHP. >__>Well, perhaps you`d give me a more precise answer if I said my idea.So here`s the point. I want to define some XML tags, so using my tag set, i can query a database (or another XML file) and show the output. So basically, I want to try out my idea for a ColdFusion kinda project, but written in ASP.NET mostly.And for it to work, ideally, I`d have two files. The XML one, which I run, and the .aspx file my XML chooses as stylesheet. Seeing as XML takes the XSL file and uses it on the client, I guess it won`t find the ASP code, but its output, XML XSLT code.So will it work?
  3. My idea is generating an XSLT file using ASP.NET, or PHP.Can I? Does the extension need to be .xslt?
  4. How do I insert the data from the CreateUserControl into a DB? I can`t seem to find anything in the generated object./edit: Um... I think I found the member vars I needed. Anyway... tips on the CUW control? >__>
  5. I bought a book, for a bit more advanced users. Nevertheless, it came handy to me. :)It`s more about ASP.NET`s controls, and how to extend them using C#. It`s also got a CD-ROM."Building Web Solutions with ASP .NET and ADO .NET" - Dino Esposito...the only one I`ve found here in Romania.
  6. The PHP language in ASP .NET. Weird. But interesting.
  7. It sux, but many people use it, so I guess I`ll only have to use it for compatibility checking, but since Opera is similar from this point of view, Firefox is my only worry.
  8. Ditto my kiddo .I voted for forum. Clear `nuff why, I guess.
  9. Funny thing, I wonder if I`ll get any vote.
  10. I`m not stupid, you know. >__>
  11. So where would the bathroom be?
  12. I would be interested in coding the main part. :)Testing and feature coding would be good for me, in PHP, although I`m guessin` I`ll have do dream ahead.
  13. For power. But I wouldn`t, really. I was just n00bishly assuming something. I don`t think that`s a good reason to assume that I actually want to code a web project in C.
  14. Can you run your PHP app in a browser (question mark).You run it on a server.And in case you couldn`t read, I just read about C(++) being used before Perl and PHP. I haven`t got the slightest idea on how, but I`m guessing it`s pretty in-depth.
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