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    background images

    try to find another bigger picture
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    does anyone of u guys have a personal website if u have then plz post it here im am doing one for myself and i wanna see how u guys dideven if it is not a web still, u just made it with notepad or smth else , plz post it or send it
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    can u put music in just a simple HTML websiteif yes . explain how
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    how do i publish a web
  5. you made a mistake also , so i would say to YOU, be quiet. if he didnt help you with that tutorial , it helped the others
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    i just started with learning HTML in school and we learned the basic tags and now the professor said that we should create a website that must contain only HTML tags. no scripting, flash or CGI should be used. NO software should be used to design this website. no Frontpage, dream Weaver etc.i have a lot of questions: but i want to know this one firsthow can i do buttons in this web site. how can i put them thanxcontact me at : ylee.yuri@gmail.com
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