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  1. Hello friends....I have configure my apache soap..... It is saying that after configuration if i go on "http://localhost:8080/soap/servlet/rpcrouter" it will give following message......"Sorry, I don't speak via HTTP GET- you have to use HTTP POST to talk to me."But in my case it is throwing exception which is pasted below...I am using tomcat apache server... soap 2.3.1My class path is: set classpath=C:\Jars\bsf.jar;C:\Jars\js.jar;C:\Jars\activation.jar;C:\Jars\xerces.jar;C:\Jars\activation.jar;C:\Jars\soap-bin-2.3.1\soap-2_3_1\lib\soap.jar;C:\Jars\soap-bin-2.3.1\soap-2_3_1;C:\Jars\javamail-1
  2. Hi...How to retrieve checkbox info using php..Here is the code<html><body><script language="javascript"> function Validate4( ) { var Lform = this.document.form4; boxes = Lform.info.length txt = "" for (i = 0; i < boxes; i++) { if (Lform.info.checked) { txt = txt + Lform.info.value + " " } } if (txt == "") { alert("No textbox ticked"); return false; } return true; }</script><form name=form action="sendinq.php" method=post onSubmit="return validate()">Info Needed : <input type=checkbox name="info" value="HC11">HC11<br>
  3. HiI want to know how to use onChange function in listbox of javascriptPlease help me with example....VAGHU
  4. How to create phot album...which takes list of images from server and also kind of slide showwith next and prev button....Any Idea
  5. HEllo FrndsHow To Put Hit Counter on Perticular page..????so plz give me suggestion if u have..i dont know even in which language it will be easier or how to do that?
  6. HEllo FrndsHow To Put Hit Counter on Perticular page..????so plz give me suggestion if u have..i dont know even in which language it will be easier or how to do that?
  7. U just right clck on any bar then customise than....there u will find checkbox for nenu bar u click there and it will come back
  8. LUKKHAAA AATLU NATH AAVADTU.....???? View-Toolbar--click on standard..then u will get that back
  9. Which word u say...Wordpad or microsoft office word..i asked u previously
  10. alwaysvaghu

    mail() error

    $email = $_POST["email"] $headers = "From:news@4hacks.com";$headers .= 'Reply-To:$email\r\n";
  11. i didnt get anything.. do u have a roblem when u r opening word document in MSWORD..??or u r telling smthing else..
  12. I want this bcaz we r also doing broadcasting and other things..some times if i m performing broadcasting for 500 email and there are more that 75% emails are invalid..(the S/W shows that)so it is just wasting of time.....so plz
  13. Hi frnds...How Can I check that entered email address is valid or not...???I mean HOw can i check validity of that email address
  14. so u r telling that i have to code like thisand it will open: http://www.w3schools.com/somefile.php////////////////////////////////////<html><head><script type="text/javascript">function open_win() {window.open("http://www.w3schools.com")}</script></head><body><form action="SomeFile.php"><input type=button value="Open Window" onclick="open_win()"></form></body></html>//////////////
  15. no i cant do that..bcaz the destination file must be in action=""bcaz i m using php and it is carrying...data to that file
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