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  1. Well i decided to re-word a previous post topic which did not make any sense, firstly i will ask 1) What code should i use to connect a database to an ASP page2) if i have a sign up page, how do i get that information which people enter to register into my database3) When they login what code do i use to verify their username and password,and lastly 4) Which ASP page do i put the source code that connects to the database. p.s. - -- saying that the name of the MSAccess Database is "details.mdb"------whoever can help and understand me, u really do know ur stuff!! any notes are also appreciated.
  2. Gr8, thank you very much for prompt answer as well thnx
  3. Hey, simple simpleI need help or a website direct link to show me how to -Center align images -align images in a row instead of underneath each other if thats possible-right alignmentreally simple stuff, but i cant seem to find somewhere, maybe its right here at w3, i just cant find it, thnx cya
  4. You're reply has been appreciated, thank you very much I was having great difficult with acces neway Thnx
  5. HeyIm new to ASP However you need an IIS (Internet Information Services) or PWS (Personal Web Server). That is because it needs to be establish as a website using your localhostyou can learn to install these from this website dependant on which system you are running you're comp onhttp://www.webwizguide.com/asp/default.aspIf that doesnt help maybe other people can Hope its helpful
  6. Hey, I need some information please, Can i get, if possible some examples of database connected to ASP website in ASP source code, If not answer these two qtns if you can 1) How can i make it so that when someone signs up it goes into my database. 2) How is the login verified when people have signed up and are attempting to login with their password. Thanks whoever can helpReachster
  7. Thank You, ive also been doing some reading up on some ASP and Database, i will firstly need IIS or PWSThnx Reachster
  8. Hi,Quite beginner level programming,i need to know how to make an access database, so it registers a user when signing up and when logging in they can also type in their password and it is verified somehow. Im unsure of how this all works, Someone i need help, i appreciate any pointersThank YouReachster
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