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  1. Is it possible for a DTD to have an invalid filename?I have for the most part finished a site ,I have the css files ready but I did not put any property values in them so the site looks bland. But when I tried to load the DTD file with the others through my service they returned an invalid filename.I thought a DTD could have any filename as long as the ELEMENTS were appropriate, starting with the root element onward.Thank you for your time
  2. I have tried to use margin outline padding and border css attributes on a frame tag in html but they do not seem to work. I do not remember it being stated that they would not. So I am curious if any CSS styles work on frames.forgive any ignorance.
  3. Please delete,I answered my own question but I did not find out how to delete a post.Thank you for your time and patienceSincerely,MonK
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