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  1. I like it also...its simple and easy to understand.I would though like more votes and mabye categorized so that you can vote on what you like... that could be sports, movies etc.____________________________________Thomashttp://www.nemprogrammering.dk/
  2. Thank you very much.I am using netbeans IDE with cencoding plugin...it works great
  3. I think the site is OK, taking into consideration that it is your first.However...You have added the HTML valid links in the bottom, but your site is nowhere near valid ( 26 errors ) - please get that corrected :)I would also try to make a larger and better logo, instead of the small one on the left.
  4. I think that it is very nice of you to offer your help. :)It think the problem would be for the company behind w3schools to keep all the different sites in different launges up to date. The good thing about w3schools is that they are updated regulary, but if it exist in more lauanges it will become a huge task to update every time a change is needed.
  5. I think that the blog looks quite nice. I only think that the header/logo is way off in relation to the rest of the blog - Its black and yellow and the blog is blue...try to make the contrast a bit less evident. Also i donĀ“t understand your choice of different colors and font sizes...what is the purpose with that?Other that that i think its ok :)Good luck with it
  6. Hey everyone!It finished this site 2 months ago and have been working on perfecting it ever since. Now i feel ready to get some feedback:DI have coded everything myself...basically i have learned everything on w3schools and sites like that, so i have no formal education in website development.Here is a link : Lav din egen hjemmeside - Gratis kursus i HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQLDon't mind the language, its in danish ( as i am from Denmark )...But just look at the functionality and design...So what do you think?
  7. The rotary feature is quite nice, but i would also suggest you to add the same link in a small menu bar in the bottom just in case people get annoyed with it. And, now i am probably the only one in here so far that has been able to read the text on the site ( as i am dane ) - so ill say "GODT ARBEJDE ".it is also a nice presentation under "kontakt" by the way
  8. Considering that this is your first site i think it is pretty well done. Its simple and presents you quite well.Also i just tried to validate your site on http://validator.w3.org/however you had 4 errors, so just correct them and you will be w3 html valid :)Good luck with the site and the music
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