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  1. A bit redundant, but you can always try returning the value of a css3 feature alert(document.getElementById("testcss3").style.borderRadius);
  2. Your function is correct however instead of passing arguments into your method call you are initializing a void function. function orangeCost(price) {var val = price * 5;console.log(val);};orangeCost(5);
  3. Greetings all. I've read the w3schools tutorial on reading rss feeds on blogs One thing I wondered was if there was a similar php example for reading from a forum thread feed http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=rss&type=forums&id=2 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. indexOf is a great way to check the value by examining the index position I left a few alert comments you can activate to track the activity. came across this idea at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7273312/what-is-the-best-way-to-check-if-a-string-exists-in-another //geturlvar url=document.location.href;var stringCheck = "+test1+test2+test3";//alert(url);//check value of comparisonString.prototype.contains = function(substr) { //alert(substr); return this.indexOf(substr) > -1;}if(url.contains(stringCheck) == true){ //alert('NOT replace'); //code to do nothing}else {//aler
  5. there are 3 ways you can do this at least this is the standard image target img { /* css styles*/} you can get image by an assigned class <style>.icon-img { /* css styles */}</style><img src="myicon.png" class="icon-img" /> or you can get image by an assigned ID <style>#icon-img { /* css styles */}</style><img src="myicon.png" id="icon-img" /> Hope this helps
  6. moonstarsun

    Layout | Help

    Best to start with a solid and clean heirarchy. Start with a container div. Create 6 div tags inside of your container div Figure out the margins you would like Interesting part... Give the div tags widths that would total twice the width of the container. (be sure to account for margins or paddings you've previously applied) Then float the items left. This should push the later three panels to a new line. Below is a really basic template (Not necessarily optimal for all purposes) which you can tweak for your project specifictions. <style>.container {width:1000px;}.panel {
  7. A lot of big template websites break down their themes. Personally I prefer the following... reset css - browser standard Minimal skin css - colors and fonts templates - sizes and margins spacing etc. layout - structure, floats, positioning theme - image gradients borders effects independent content components... Doing it this way uses an interface approach (Similar to OOP). If everyone stays within their own tasks their modifications can work and interchange even targeting the same context.
  8. When possible I prefer liquid layouts as opposed to static. They are not great for everything but worth considering. Applying % for widths as opposed to px so they are liquid and will adjust to the parent element (in this case the document size). You would set this to something like 45% (being mindful of extra padding). This introduces the inherit issue of mixing any pixel driven elements with % elements can have unexpected results if you zoom extremely close. In this approach you should consider mobile browser stylesheets or conditionals for small resolutions (which you should be doing an
  9. moonstarsun

    help me css

    Well for starters your second link is throwing a 404 and by stripping out what I'm assuming is unintentional it's the same link as the first. Second it's highly unclear what you are asking. Are you trying to figure out how the background was achieved via css? If you put a little more care in building your requirements feel free to reply.
  10. The max-width specified is a conditional marker as opposed to a property. Think of it like an if statement in javascript. The if doesn't change anything just alerts the browser of what action needs to be taken. (parameter){element: propertyValue} So what this is saying is if the max-device-width: is 700px execute what's in my curly braces (narrow.css). Since most cellular devices max out around 480 the stylesheet say's "This doesn't apply to me so let me execute everything else and ignore the code inside this condition"
  11. FYI loading and displaying are not the same thing. When you set display:none; the image will still consume the same bandwith because it must be physically called in browser memory even though it may not appear. For proof of concept the response time between display:block is significantly quicker than creating the image. Now to actually answer your question you can use one of a few options. My personal favorite trick is simply using a background image @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { div { background-image: url('myImageUrl.png'); height: 200px;
  12. 700px are around tablet device sizes. Most phones in my experience do well at 480px @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) {}
  13. If you wrap your images in an empty anchor tag this should be easya .myImg {max-width:200px; height:200px}a:hover .myImg {max-width:inherit;height:inherit;}In theory you might be able to use....myImg {max-width:200px; height:200px}.myImg:hover {max-width:inherit;height:inherit;}But browser compat should be reviewed for this
  14. moonstarsun

    fix border

    Can you please provide your code so it's possible to provide a solution for your example. Generally speaking you should be able to do something like/* class="myLogo" */.myLogo {border: 1px solid #000000;}
  15. There seems to be a lot of typos and unclear sentences about your requirements. I can't tell what you are asking from how this question is written.
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