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  1. Thanks two both of the replys.That gives me a different perspective. Perhaps I'm not the true "author" of the xml after all. The client had provided me with Names for the XML tags and what they wanted to use as their "headers" etc. I wrote the code to linkup to my DB and output my data (in my file) using their tag names... and delivered the resulting XML file back to them. I was doing a little more research into xml, reading about the schema and it dawned on me that they never requested a schema - I was viewing my resulting file as a document that may need a schema but... they originally dicta
  2. I had a 50-50 shot of asking this under basic XML questions forum or specifically in the Schema section...I'm basically a php guy and the XML is a new avenue for me - I'm doing some research into xml for a project to provide data to a third party in which they will write their own application.I've gotten past the initial build/delivery of the XML file itself, I did a simple test early on and they provided a link to their schema for this purpose. My question is: generally, in a situation where I'm providing the data and they are providing the application to interpret and run it, would the clien
  3. I did take the time to review the forum and tutortial AND I'm pretty sure that I know the answer here, but I'm not an XML pro and need a "qualified" answer to give to a client.I was presented a project where they are trying to name the xml tag's with a leading integer "<0abc_..." now I don't know xml but I do know that you can't use integer's as variable names or at least as leading characters variable's etc... so I assume that holds true with xml tags.correct?thanks!
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